Free character guides straight from the guide


Guides for Anna, Bruce, Devil Jin, Jin, Jinpachi, Lee, Raven, and Zafina. I did not scan these, i was cruising through the internet when i went to the primagames website to see if the digital version of the guide has been released yet. and i stumbled upon an update to the guide that fixed some mistakes in the book (50 pages worth of mistakes) which they had up for free download.

Direct Link:

Website Link:

Enjoy :slight_smile:


nice post! hopefully it will be helpful to those who use these characters


nice… just need one for jun then I’m in business


Shout outs to tyler2k…

Wait, shout outs to Prima for posting FULL corrections and text instead of a list like I did on my site.


You and me both


Pretty cool, there should be an option for people that bought the guide to get it in a PDF form, would be nice to have on my iPad instead of carrying the guide around and it getting damaged from moving around so much.