Free Comic Book Day 5/3/08

This will be the place to talk about Free Comic Book Day AKA FCBD.

It will take place next Saturday, May 3rd to coincide with the Iron Movie. :smile:

If you don’t know what Free Comic Book Day is, here’s how it works. Walk into a comic book shop that day and you will get a FREE comic book! Different stores do different things. Some stores will give you more than one free comic, others will give you comics that are not on the FCBD list but all of them have to give you a free comic that day. So visit as many shops as you can to get a whole lot of free stuff on May 3rd! :woot:

So next Saturday go see Iron Man and get your free comics, make it a great day! :wgrin:

Official thread. Here you can see the FCBD funny books that will be available, FOR FREE! :lovin:

That Marvel Adventures comic with Alvin Lee artwork is mine, ditto for the Gyro Gearloose comic. Race you to the store! :tup:


Damn, I’ll need to hop on that.

Yeah that’s a great way to get people to check out All Star Superman, IMHO the best comic on the racks right now! :woot:

Looking forward to the Tiny Titans book too since I haven’t picked that up yet. Overall a pretty good selection this year. :smile:

OOoOOoo free heroclick

I go every year!!

I can’t wait for this year, although I doubt I’ll see Iron Man
it will be packed lol

God I hate living in England sometimes

I’ll get the Superman #1…that’s about it.

Oh man. Three stores in my vicinity are participating.

Three copies of ASS #1? I think so. Yes, yes, SRK… yes, yes.



One of them still has the limited edition ASS #1 with the Neal Adams cover. If I’m feeling really saucy, maybe I’ll pick that up as well.

Yes, yes.

Cool one of my shops will be participating, and giving out free bags and boards :tup:

Damn, goody’s getting a lot of ass this weekend.:wgrin:

Hell yeh

It’s gonna be soooo much fun this year
I go to multiple comic stores
Jim Hanley’s is always the most fun

I used to go to cop the free heroclix:confused: I haven’t gone to FCBD in a year or two but its usually a good time for all.

What kinda of boards?

The plastics and backboards (white cardboard) that people use to protect comics from harm. :smile:

I don’t think I’ve ever actually been in a comic book shop on a Saturday.

wow saturday shall be a great day to behold true believers! free comics and im seein dimmu borgir that evening!:rock:

so can you grab one only? or can i be greedy and grab one of each comic?[that i want]

Depends on the store. The most I ever got in one store was five comics or so. Yeah Jim Hanley’s in NY rules on FCBD. :rock:

Policy may vary depending on store.

First time I’ll be participating in one of these events. I take it I should come early if I want me some free comics. Lots to choose from and I want as many as I can get.