Free Comic Book Day 5/7/11

May 7th 2011 will be the greatest day of the year! Well maybe the second greatest day of the year because Marvel vs. Capcom 3 already came out! :smile: And for me the third greatest day of the year because the Rurouni Kenshin fighter for the PSP already came out but moving along… :rofl:

This Saturday in North America will be Free Comic Book Day! For those that aren’t familiar with the Holiday, basically all you have to do is walk into a participating comic book store on May 7th and they will give you FREE comics!

Note that everyone does things differently. Some stores will give you only one or two comics. Others will give you anywhere from 4-12 FREE books! Some people will stick to the FCBD list of books I will post below and others will go off the list and give you random books from their store too. So visit as many stores as you can to get a lot of FREE stuff!

And the Thor movie drops that weekend too so make a fun day out of it! :party:

See the FCBD books below! Oh and every year we get a FREE Heroclix figure too. This year it’s Green Lantern that you can see on the bottom of the link. :cool:

I’m looking forward to next Saturday greatly. My local comic book shops got together and planned an event so I am very excited. Still gotta go to each shop though to get your books but after that they will tell you to go to said place for the event. I think they are having of course comics, food, drinks, a DCI sanctioned magic tournament, cosplay contests, models dressed as heroes, live music, and I know I’m missing other things but there is at 2-3 more things to that list. I am very excited.

List of comics I want to get from FCBD:
Amazing Spider-Man
Darkwing Duck
Green Lantern Flashpoint SE
Locke and Key
Mouse Guard Flip Book
Super Dinosaur Origin Special #1
Bongo Comics Free For All
Captain America/Thor
Misadventures of Adam West
The Tick

And if I can find it the free Green Lantern Heroclick (I heard these are going to be rare)

I know one of my comic book shops limits you to 2. The other comic book shop I honestly don’t know how they handle FCBD. Either way I’m already planning on taking a few people to get more comics LOL.


Heh if this is also happening in UK, I’ll ask my brother to get just about every book XD.

Some info on FCBD events some stores are having!

Calendar :: Saturday, May 7th, 2011

My stores has always had lots of FCBD clix left…Man whats with all this recent Clix hype around me :smiley:

I want that World of Aspen comic especially since the writer and artist of Lady Mechanika is making a guest appearance at the shop I go to that day.

I had a good time with FCBD today. Picked up all the comics I wanted except for like 2 and one of the stores had all back issue moderns on sale for $1. I ended up buying like 30 comics at that price LOL including this bad boy The same comic book shop towards the middle of the day started putting out recent non FCBD comics. Legit full priced comics going for free. Lots of Secret Invasion, Amazing Spider-Man 642-648, Green Lantern Emerald Warriors, Wolverine 1-2 (recent volume) and I saw a few Deadpool comics come out. Very very surprised by this. I was told more was gonna come out as the day passed but I went home so I didn’t see what else came out. I also got the Green Lantern Heroclick and a yellow lantern ring.

And since figurines and statues were 25% off I picked up a Wasp mini statue from the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection


Didn’t do as well as I usually do this year. Between partying on Cinco De Mayo and going to a Mets game the night before I wound up waking up late Saturday afternoon. I drank a looot of alcohol on Thursday and Friday… :bottle:

Me and some friends went to see Thor around 2:00 (great movie) and started hunting for comics around 5:00. Not much was left and some stores were closed when we got there.

So basically all I was able to find was the two DC books (GL, B&B / YJ) and the two Archie books (Betty & Veronica, Sonic). As usual there were some extra free goodies people tossed in so I nabbed a Smurfs and a Nancy book. Stuff I had already like the Fear Itself scetch book and a Marvel chronology book. Oh and I got a Priest poster and some 3D glasses so I can play his PC game or something. :smile:

On the plus side both of the Archie comics ran the add for the new Mega Man comic that’s coming out this week! This is the closest an original Capcom property has ever gotten to Free Comic Book Day. :lol:

All and all a good day. I wish I got the two Marvel comics, but as a Marvel fan I’m happy that they were the first to go while Green Lantern books were the last to go almost everywhere, GO MAHVEL! :woot: DC, LOL! :rofl: Sorry Marvel fanboy, couldn’t resist! :blush:

Still can’t really complain because as late as I showed up I still got some FREE stuff! Hopefully next year it will fall on a quieter week for me. First year I didn’t get the Heroclix figure either but hey, it wasn’t a Marvel one. :clown:

I didn’t get a single free comic this year. I was mainly interested in the Baltimore and The Mighty Thor comics, but the store I went to was out of them by the time I got there. I’ve stopped trying to hoard as many free comics as possible. In the past, I would grab whatever I possibly could. Now that I’m older, I must be getting soft. I actually saw a bunch of kids at the store, so I figured it would be nice to leave 'em more of the crop. I was also too lazy to travel to multiple stores like I used to do in previous years.

On the other hand, the store had a massive sale on their entire back issue bins. Everything was 25 cents! I spent 22 bucks on 84 comics, most of which I’m actually planning to read.

How did u find the Sonic FCBD issue Sano?

Most of what the main story was about was lost on me since I don’t regularly read the series but it was cool. I guess to compensate for any misunderstandings new readers might have there’s lots of bios in the back that explain stuff. Like how they have two Robotniks / Eggmans - the one from the old cartoon and the one that they use from the games now. Guess that’s how they reconciled the differences. There’s bios for Sonic, the freedom fighters and some of the new villains.

I’m not even that familiar with the Sonic-verse having only seen a few of the cartoons when they were on TV and I’ve finished only 3 of his games in total - 1, 2 and Adventure on the Dreamcast. Still it’s great Ian Flynn they give the series that much attention and there’s probably a bunch of things that fly right over my head, not really being a Sonic person.

Mega Man however I finished close to every game in the series (still have to get around to beating 6 and 10, 6 I delay playing because it’s boring and 10 because it’s hard LOL). There I can really tell what all of the nods and shout outs are in the comic that came out this week. So yeah Ian Flynn’s writing good stuff.

Wow so Discovery Channel’s planning on releasing comics? Looking forward to those =3

My day was pretty similar. I didn’t want that many books, but all the ones I wanted were gone by the time I got there. What was more frustrating was that I anticipated this and made a point to call that Wednesday to ask if they could hold a few for me, only to come in on Saturday and have them shrug it off as nothing. I never did get a reason why. Fortunately, a pal of mine spent the day hoarding and hooked me up after making some rounds all over town. The two books you mentioned were definitely some of the best this year, in addition to a few others, so I’d check them out if you get a chance.

Say if anyone is in the New York area today Midtown Comics, but ONLY the one on 64 Fulton Street is giving out the FCBD issues of Spider-Man, Cap / Thor and Green Lantern today!

The GL book I got last time but I was finally able to get the free Marvel books today! :slight_smile:

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