Free Comic Book Day previews

Preview scans from a few of the FCBD offerings, including Devil’s Due DarkStalkers/GI Joe/Defex flipbook and Oni’s Hysteria/Sharknife (REY) flipbook.

You do know that DS story is a reprint of the Summer Special*, right?

  • Which is not so “special” anymore. Kinda funny, because this one is free, while the Summer Special costs the same or more than a foil. Way to go Udon, you keep slapping the faces of the people that actually buy your books! :tup:

Do you get paid to shit talk about everything, or do you just do it for fun?

Time Stop is good for defending SNK games that get flak undeserved (NGBC, for now). His opinion is sometimes generally sensible and good. Other times, he needs to stick to lurking at HerV.

You gotta remember, the summer special also has two other stories in addition to the Darkstalkers story. Plus it doesn’t have “FREE COMIC BOOK DAY” written huge on the cover.

The Summer Special that was 10 dollars at a con and had 3 stories in it? Not to mention it’s almost a year old?

OH MY GOD UDON REPRINTED A 4 PAGE STORY FROM AN OLD COMIC TO DRAW IN NEW READERS!! WHAT ASSHOLES! Why, they’re no better than Marvel or DC or anyone else to reprint an issue for FCBD!!! Alert the media, Captain Penny Pincher is offended…again.

Forget that, do you get paid to be an ignorant dumbshit? I’m glad you feel like you’ve been slapped in the face. You sure as hell need it.

:lame: :rolleyes:

On topic: Good job. Every company should be taking part in FCBD. :tup:

I was under the impression that everything FBCD was reprinted anyway. So what’s the big deal?

Yeah, what he said. How is it screwing their fans by printing out a story that not everyone has access to buying? Last I checked, people collect comics so they can READ them, not so they can brag about how they are the only ones who have it.

I went to the new comic shop up the coast for the first time the other day, it was Friday, but they had all the Free Comic Book Day comics out anyway, and I got the one with Darkstalkers and Sharknife, as well as some others. Wow, they’re great, I think it’s a great idea to print a short issue that most people aren’t able to buy in the free book, now I can have the whole story. Darkstalkers and Sharknife were really cool. I spent $210 that day, plus another $30 the next day on comics and stuff, so that’s all my pay gone for the week, but it was worth it. I also got a bunch of Street Fighter comics I was missing, and accidently got one that I already had! Oh well. And another Cammy figure :slight_smile: The free comics made the day extra good value, and are giving me something to read while I’m on holiday down at my parents place. I hope a lot more people got introduced to these good comics, the stories deserve to be read.

Hey, the $10 summer special that was at the cons came with a free personal sketch on the back of the comic too. You don’t get that with the free comic book day either.

I got a nice Sakura drawn onto the back of mine.