Free Comic Book Day this Saturday

Free Comic Book Day this Saturday! (May 6th)

You guys know about Free Comic Book Day? Once a year, a number of comic book companies have a designated free comic for Free Comic Book Day, and they’re sent to the comic shops for anyone who goes to grab one. You can just go in an get any one comic from the FCBD shelf (but they like it if you actually buy something while you’re there too.) For more info check out the website:

Anyways… the reason I’m bringing this up is that the free comic being given out by Viper Comics is kind of a Viper Comics sampler of some upcoming titles, and I’ve been told it should include a 3-page preview of my book, A Dummy’s Guide to Danger, which will be a 4-issue miniseries, the first of which being released this July. So, if you wanna go check out the preview, hit up your local comic shop this Saturday. :slight_smile:

PS- Even if you don’t go, you can probably still just go to soon and check out a preview. Something funny is going on with the site last time I checked, but there should soon be a proper mini-site to promote A Dummy’s Guide to Danger.


thanks for the heads up. i almost forgot i get to see all the fat old dudes waiting in line in front of the comic book store eating jack in the box.

Congratulations, Chain-Whore:) Lucky u, guys. U have free comics day and we dont even have comics in my country:rofl:

sigh. you can bet this doesn’t happen where I am.

Same here, the tragity continues :sad: