Free Comic Book Day

It’s coming up May 5th.

I missed the last two years due to work…but I think I can go to 5 shops this year.

I’m definitely not missing out this year. Do people usually rush the shops early for first dibs?

Nah I never go early, they never seem to run out of anything. Twice I visited as many shops as I could, last year I was kind of sick so I only visited one store and got the books I wanted.

In NYC stores seem to vary on what they do. Some give you one book, others two and others four. Some give you random comics not on the list, IE stuff they want to move and/or push. Seems like the only rule they agree on is that they have to give you at least one free comic that day. :rofl:

The A train that I take to get to the city from my house is REALLY jacked up during the weekends so it’s gonna put a limit on the stores I visit. I’ll swing by Midtown and Jim Hanleys and that’s it by way of taking the A to the J to the L or some craziness like that. Maybe I’ll stop by Forbidden Planet but we’ll see how things go… and most def gonna try to catch the Spidey 3 movie first somehow at a matinee in a ghetto theater because everything else will be packed… :sweat:

You can see the free comics here.

Pirates vs Ninjas…I’m so getting that mag.

Have to pick up the Marvel Adventures and Arcana one.
Family Guy/Hack and Slash looks promising as well.

Spider-Man, Mickey Mouse (hey some Disney comics are good - see Duck Tales based on 40 year old Disney comics lol) and the Transformers Prequel are the books I’m looking forward to the most. Everything else is gravy train. :smile:

I already paid for a copy of Legion of Super Heroes #1 but big up to my friend Steve who I went to school with and drew the cover, now with a FCBD version he can participate in the freeness. :tup:

no FCBD at my local shop…and I really want the Oni Press Comics Festival…


Picked up the Spidey one-shot. Very much a return to classic Spidey silliness. Not part of current canon. Fun in its own right, but if this really is going to have an effect on the future of Spidey as Marvel appears to claim, I’m a little worried, especially since

Amazing Spider-Man: Swing Shift


MJ is a superhero

Preview for “One More Day” was awesome though. I wish JMS wasn’t leaving, although I’m excited for his work on Thor.

Can someone try to snag me a copy of the Oni Press comic?, I’m having ZERO luck, and I’ll be really upset if I miss it.

I went to my local shop and there was zilch.

a copy of last year’s X-Men/Runaways comic to anybody who can get it for me.

Once again I was denied FCBD…I’m sick with the flu.

I got my book, if the guy who grabbed it for me doesn’t want the X-Men/Runaways book, I’ll offer it as a prize for something.

Hahaha, I completely forgot it was today! :looney: :hk:

The secret unreleased Peanuts comic strips book == too good.
Lucy’s excuse for hitting Linus: He was there!

TokyoPop also has a Choose Your Weapon sampler, which sports ArchLord and Warcrack…err Craft. I would actually get more of ArchLord. The sampler has 5 or so different reads, that span 6 or more pages. The WarCraft one is the biggest.

Do check it out.

…that went well.

Free stuff I got, visiting Midtown Comics and Forbidden Planet -

FCBD Books -

Spider-Man - So so
Mickey Mouse - Great! Classic Floyd Gottfredson comic strip story!
Transformers Movie Prequel - Haven’t read it yet
Unseen Peanuts - Too good, Charlotte Braun on the cover they got jokes! :rofl:
Marvel Adventures Iron Man & Hulk - Haven’t read it yet

Extras the Forbidden Comic book store tossed in -

Donald Duck Halloween comic - Say word a story by Don Rosa and a one page gag by Carl Barks!
Death Jr. Halloween Special - Fun!

Not a bad Free Comic Book Day. Gotta love the freeness. :tup:

Indeed, Sano. Indeed.

As for Unseen Peanuts:Schulz threw these out?! I understood at least 3.75/4s of what I read here, classing them as funny. I read at least some of his best before in specialty books before this, though.

…that went well.

what stores give out free comic books in Toronto? I’d presume Silver Snail.