Free Copy of Half-Life 2

I’ve had an extra copy of Half-Life 2 on my Steam account for months now. First person to post here gets it. I’ll PM the first person interested so they can send me their steam account e-mail.


EDIT: First non-2009 member gets it. Yes, I’m a hater.


edit: lol i dont want it, but nice of you to give away something

I have a gift copy of HL2…how hard is that to understand. It’s delivered via e-mail so the first person interested that posts will get it. I’ll PM them to get their steam account e-mail so I can send it.

An explanation of steam gifts for anyone else confused:

I’ll take it

lol didn’t read the non-09 member nvm

nice of you to do this. this game is epic then there is cs source.

owned at some_asian lololz. 2009 haters 4 lyfe.

Sorry dude, your bretheren have left a bad taste in my mouth.

lol I feel bad, been going to this site since the first SF4 news but havn’t made an account till recently. My fault I guess and the other 09ers

I’ll take it. Just guide me step by step on how to get a steam account, that is all I ask.

I’ll take it. Non 2009 member right here! ^_^. I have a steam account already.

my question to the people who already have a steam acct…how do you NOT have hl2?

Winner, PM sent.

In the red + no existing steam account, sorry dude.

fuck you!

:rofl::rofl::rofl: classic.

LOL some good laughs in here

Who’d’ve guessed that SRK would be so slow at grabbing up free stuff? :rofl:

if it’s still available, i’ll take it.

i have a steam account.

I don’t understand how anyone doesn’t have HL2 yet.

Whoever won this is a lucky man… my PC is a piece of shit but I have HL2 for the 360 and it is glorious.

The one free man…

I’d just like to point out that the dumbest replies in this thread were by NON-09 members.

And then I ruined it.