FREE DAZ 3D Pro, Bryce Pro and Hexagon [offer expired]

Thought this was worth sharing…

You can purchase and download DAZ’s 3D animation program (DAZ 3D Pro), 3D terrain rendering program (Bryce 7) and 3D modeling program (Hexagon) free, legal and provided by the creators.

Offer ends Feb. 29.

The only catch: you have to sell your soul and sign up for their periodic newsletter.

Great offer if you’re already into 3D, and if you’re not, it’s definitely worth trying out.

I should mention this is pretty much a “Poser” kind of program where their revenue stream is actually addons for it like hair and bras to complete your female muscle growth videos with for the impressible Male 45-65 audience.

As a real 3D artist i’d stay away from such products. They ARE fun to mess with to prototype up humans yes but that’s where the limit is.