FREE DC&Marvel Avatars! Just Save and add Text

Thids is just a little thing I opened up. I made some avatars (not the greatest) without text so people can just save whatever avatar and add there own in. I will NOT add text. I will keep on adding avatars inside throughout time. From 1-3 days, I should add atleast 3 new avs. You dont have to give me credit although, you CANNOT say you made these.

More to come…

Mind posting the Two-Face sprite like I requested?

Nice sprites.

supergirl and kid robin do you have sprites for them.


I can make a kid robin sprite but, Not right at this moment. As for supergirl, I have 2 of em.

are you allowed to use those sprite edits?

I’m taking the Joker one.

Can you post all the sprites. If possible. I have seen some of the DC/Marvel original sprites and some are better than the official ones.

Yes I am. As long as I dont say “I made them” because, not all the sprites I’m posting are made by me such as those 2 super girls. The twoface are mine though. Hope that answers your question.

As for SA.M’, I can post all of them but, there is just too many and it’ll take a long time. It’s better to just request the sprite you need.

_AR, I’m working on a Teen Titans Robin (Kid Robin) right now. I think that’s what you wanted.

Well could you at least give some credit if you’re going to shamelessly use the sprites?

I’m just hoping you had enough dignity to request permission to use them though.

that’s the thing. I dont know who they were made by. I know some but, I havent posted there sprites.

Ok, since I’ve been working on Kid Robin, this is what I have done so far:

I’m editing him from a Batman that was edited from a Spider-Man.

hummmm all the avatars you make now… are all seeming the same… >_<…:stuck_out_tongue:

Well, all the avs above are just textures mixed together :lol: As for the daily avs I make, it’s just a style I like.

any plan on making a batman or nightcrawler one? cus i’ll take either of those

I’ll be making both including Batman Beyond and Batgirl

Dunno if you saw my requests in your other thread, so if not, was wondering if you had any Azrael-original outfit and Batman outfit, Killer Croc, or Aquaman sprites.


Try to make sprite of Michael Turner’s Supergirl (she is looking hotter than previous Supergirls)

Spider Girl
Udon’s Taskmaster (I disliked old Taskmaster)
Kingdom Comes’ Flash ( >.< That’s not good idea because he runs naked) never mind…

Almost done with my robin edit. I just gotta do his cape and his head.
DeafNYC: I’ll get you a Doomsday and Spider-Girl sprite.
ChoJin: I think I have everything you requested.

Ahoy, Captain Commando!:wink:

yea i know. Then again that’s why they’re called sprite EDITS.