Free Dynamic Themes: Wipeout HD Fury and Afrika themes(tutorial)


For the WipeOut HD Fury Dynamic Theme:

Well only for the European PS Store, if you have an euro account, you can download it for free. i have both(european and american accounts) So today after work i’ll download that dynamic theme.

you can view the dynamic theme here in this video:


If you don’t have an euro account here the steps:

  1. Create a new user
  2. Goto playstation network and sign up for the playstation store
  3. Once it asks you what county your from, put United Kingdom
  4. In address, put whatever you want.
  5. You can use whatever email account you want too, which is a plus.
  6. Search for that dynamic theme
  7. Have fun

For the Afrika Dynamic Theme

If you want to get the free dynamic theme of Afrika and you don’t have idea how the hell create and JP Account here the video tutorial:


And here is the video for this beautiful theme:


Enjoy :pleased:


I dont receive the mail yet…

Hey wazz up dude, i do everything you said but…I see no email from uk psn to complete my registration…What’s wrong? I create 2 accounts with different emails (of course) BTW :bluu: