Free Grandslam at Denny's on Feb 9th

Because SRK likes free food.

Not this again. I’m taking pictures this time. I’ll just go by IHOP or something instead. Bob Evans sounds good too.

Why would you go someplace that’s not giving free food =[

I did this last year. Oh yes

last year was stupid crowded. I’ll try to hit it up early before work this year instead of during lunch hour.

yo this shit was gdlk. i was in and out pretty quick. showed up about 6-7am. gonna do it again. shits in walking distance. gdlk.

I’m sure there’ll be a lineup around the block of fat, disgusting people.


ugh dennys is awful…foods always too greasy. how the fuck are pancakes made greasy. plus people dont seem to understand that u dont need to make huge fucking thick pancakes for them to be good.

hey whens that free pancake shit at ihop?

i cant wait fro that shit

God SRK will hate on anything. Even free food. I’m sure you guys eat 5-star food all the time. Sorry Denny’s is so beneath your tastes.

I remember this from last year. Place was packed.

Toilets nationwide will not be able to handle the massive demand that will be placed upon them.

Yeah, I’m going.

lol…why you taking it so personal?

Dennys is pretty terrible…

denny’s is bomb! thanks for info. what happened to the free thread???

I remember last year, I went to like 5 different local Denny’s and all were packed where each one had a line that wrapped around the block several times 17 miles long. People at the end of the line ended up not getting a free grand slam because by the time it was their turn, it was the next day!