Free iRobot av here

Free i______ av’s and requests here.

Eh, these were fun while it lasted, but I no longer desire my iRobot avatar. Inspired by OC, made by me.

OC, you are a pure genious. I mean, your material just comes and comes. You have a serious talent yo. Keep it up :tup:

Up for grabs.


Post requests in this thread. I’ll also put some random i____ avatars free for anyone to use. I started on a couple Alex avatars last night, and I’ll finish them up once I get home.

OC gotta have SOME space in his PM box…ya know.
Also, feel free to post up i_____ related avatars free for other people to use.

Thank you and good bye.

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Ganked, for now. Thanks buddy!

No problem yo.

Mebbe you can take over the requests? I’m swamped and I hate it. But I’ll keep on making them BECAUSE IT’S ALL MY DAMNED FAULT.


Lol, I’ll be happy to take a couple of non-animated requests.

Once I get some free time in my schedule, I’m good to go. :tup:

sadly most of it is animated. I was just joking anyways. I don’t want to give such a fucking plight to anyone. Not that I mind but hey we all have our days.


I actually wouldn’t mind taking a few requests at all. I mean, these av’s that you come up with are pure genious, and I would like to contribute to this SRK Image MishMash “revolution”. =]

But, I’m in need of a new animation program. Which do you use? Animation Shop just aint working for me. =/ The final results come out a bit blurry, and are usually missing a few frames…

I usually use Imageready. But sure if you have the time, I’m not going to stop you. Might as well start a new thread in here when you have time. I like your workmanship too as well with the border. That shit looks hot :tup:


hey if you guys don’t mind may I post my request here? Coz i seriously don’t wanna be a “Give me an avatar or ill bug the fuck outta you” guy… yeah if its ok with you then here goes:“hey oc did you get my pm? If it’s possible I would like one with Sent sprite with his ipod dangling out…I Stomp? :slight_smile: yeah purple would be nice …don’t need animation.”

thx alot

Im down for a I,whatever avatar, let me know if oc or you are down to make it and ill slap some of my ideas here.

I can help you out if you supply me with the sprite.

I’ll see what I can do. PM me with the info.

If I have time, I can probably get both your requests done by tonight. But if not, then probably sometime thursday.

OC, i like the idea of that scrolling font song info. Do i have your approval to do it on an av if i made an iPod av? Don’t want to steal people’s ideas n shit.

ive attempted to make my own Ipod avatar and it looks pretty nice and everything, except that scrolling song title. It scrolls way too fast… slowing it down, slows down the motion, and if i try to make the sections into smaller parts(less frames), you cant read what it says at all. how did you do it OC? maybe because my song title is too long…

"Dir En Grey - Red…[em] <5:01> "

These too.

I don’t think anyone is currently using the ones I made, either.

So, first come, first serve, I guess:

(taken) -


Premium only:

Holy shit! Im one gready muthafucker but damn that Irave is nice. Dibs.

Well you’ll basically have to repeat the animtion until the you can get the entire song title through. Like my animation of vaneessa walking, it’s only like 8 frames, but I have to double it to 16 in order to make the song title be able to go all the way through.


awesome man, thanks alot!

here’s the sprite…:

purple background with i-Unfly? Thanks mate:D

You guys better not take my bison idea :rolleyes: iPaint coming soon!


Hmmm, Ive tried to double it. but it was still scrolling way too fast. the PSD has 7 frames included. should i try tripling it? ill try that today…

So let me get this straight OC: you double the frames and cut the frame time in half??? and each duplicated frame stays with the visual eye longer? Is that too confusing? If i have way too much trouble, you think you can do that font for me if i sent you the PSD file through email or something?

ermeril er sermthering :clap: