Free Jump Ins

Cool people thread

ay so like, holla back and stuff
cool people only! >_< wut wut :karate: :clap: :tup:

why don’t you use the search feature or post this in the sakura threads

where the hell are you ?

I think Ken has a free jumpin after a Shinryuken.

dude you shoulda searched for free jumpins.
heres a link to the thread i found:

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lets get high off of illegal drugs next time im down in socal cuz that’s how Norcal Invaders do it wut wut

we need vids for…

1)those that dont’ have the game at home currently (me ^^)
2)the rest of srk who needs visual explanation (also me ^^)

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thanks guys.

you can’t do free jump ins with small jump right?

no, the point of a free jump in is that it is timed such that if someone does a reversal super or uppercut whatever, that you recover from your jump in time to block due to the startup of the reversal move. if you low jump, your low jump recovery makes this impossible. another important thing to note is that it is impossible to do free jump in’s on ken and akuma because their uppercuts are too fast.

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