**free Kof Tourney With Major Cash Prize!**

I was talking with AKscrube about this possible … and powerful idea … but at the end it also depends in a way to u guys ( if not all ! ).

This is the first time that an SNK game was considered to be part in an official lineup in a EVOLUTION tournament. The voting idea was awesome, u get to choose what game u would like to be at the line up and the one/ones with most votes will get its chance. The bad point of the idea was to think that everybody can trust paying their fees online and to think that everyone has access to a PC, to the net and finally … to a paypal account. At the end … KOF didnt make it at the official line up … BUT !
The organizers of EVO have given us good merits in trying to make this happen and are willing to make us use some of their onsite TVs if we still want to hold the tourney ( lots of thanks to them especially to S-Kill ).

Now … we only have 19 payed entrees and the question is … would u guys still want this tourney to happen ?
Here Im gonna talk only of myself : If Im going to EVO … Im doint it coz I wanna have FUN !, I wanna meet new peeps, chill with with everybody and hopefully find more good KOF players.
But thats not the main reason … what I would realy like, is to see this KOF community grow ( at least here in the US ). Having a KOF tourney at EVO will be a huge step in making the game be recognized as a competitive one here in this country. So I would like to be part in a tourney like that even its unofficial … BUT ONE THATS EXPOSED TO EVERYBODY TO CREATE INTEREST ( like advertising ).

Here is the main idea … **LETS MAKE THE TOURNEY TO BE ENTRY FREE ! ** … I still have to talk with Mr. Wizard or with any other organizer that is in charge of this ( not only me … also everyone that is interested like K-Force member The Answer ) about this issue and to see how we can do this at EVO.
I have some ideas on how this can happen … but I also want to see ideas from you guys.

We can put a table at a side of the official registering one and put some posters saying this is only for the KOF tourney ( still need permision from Wizard ). If u wanna join the tourney just sign in … AND IT WILL BE FREE ! … u can do that after u have payed your fees in the official table and u r just about to get out of the room ( kinda like the one they had at last year’s EVO ).

Now the tricky part … u will probably think … mmmm … ok … the entry fee is free … so then WHAT WILL BE THE MAJOR PRIZES ??? … thats when u guys come along and I wanna hear ideas from you.
I dont care donating 10 or 20 bucks from my pocket towards the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places to this KOF tourney … all I want is to see this tournament to have a big amount of players … that will be wake up some interest on more than one player or organizer towards the game.
We can also make the entry fee to be as low as $1 so we have more money to put in the pot … the donations are a bonus for the first places AND ARE THE KEY TO CREATE INTEREST
I can talk with the rest of my K-Force members and Im pretty sure we can all make a small donation and give a bonus of 100 bucks for the first place. Imagine that …you pay only ONE DOLLAR for the KOF tourney … and maybe u could win at least 100 bucks !! … even better … u could enter for free and still get 100 bucks !!

Hell, if this was the case for a game like say MKDeception … a game in which I dont know anything about it and that have never played it in my life … i would still consider the idea of joining it coz maybe I could win 100 bucks … for free ! … and I didnt even pay a single dollar ! … BUT ! … I have to reconsider coz I know my skills at that game are less than poor … so instead of wasting my time playing a game that I know I wont stand a chance one that will actually consume my time at EVO ( I should be better spending my time doing other things like playing the games I like or that Im good at … or chilling with my friends ) … I would think again … and not join the tourney.

Well … thats the idea … sounds kinda crazy, but its has some actual sense … especially if we want this KOF tourney to have a great turnout, and also to have the game be recognized as competitive one.

Please post … we all need your ideas and concerns.


P.S: Before I forget … since the game its unofficial … we can ran the tourney BOTH ON AES AND PS2 … just say in which console u feel more comfortable playing when u sign up for the tourney at the table.
Btw … I dont care playing 2002 on PS2.

Please post you suggestions here and I will make the official thread on Monday when I come back from mexico. Dont pay attention to the other thread will use this one since we have come up with some ideas already.

Thanks, K4 :xeye: will be taking suggestions for now

guess no one gives a damn … oh well … thats what u get when talking to scrubs … nothing.

I’ll enter. Free tourney, why the hell not? :party:

calling people scrubs doesnt fucking help…

and do I give a fuck ?


good Samson, we will see you at EVO … tell your friends ! :tup:

you should…you might want people to actually LIKE YOU so they can actually LISTEN to you…and i know you like people listening to you…so, give being nice a chance?

I’d rather pay to get into the tournament, to be honest.

a pay tournament was my idea, K4 & The Answer wanna make it free…

I think with the free idea you might get probably people to enter it no prob. Only thing is that they probably wont take it as serious since its a free tourney and you lose nothing when you enter. When you pay for something thats when people really try to do their best and play as well as they can. I would enter it either way…but it all depends on everyones decision…so both work for me. I would rather pay something though so I know I have to play my best once the tourney starts up. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out and I wish you guys luck in working all this out. Thanks.


I’ll play gogogo but only if it’s on ps2

so it didnt make the lineup. ah well, im in for this. ps2 preferred. or DC :karate:

These guys only play on AES.

interesting … hey if there are players that would like to play in DC … then theres the chance they can play on it when its their turn in the tourney … but I guess it would only apply if both players are ok with that … if your opponent doesnt want to play in DC then you will have to do it on PS2 ( most probably option ) or AES.

i think it would be nice if we make a poll about this … if the tourney should be free or with a minimum entry fee say $2, $5 or $10.

EDIT: … I made a POLL in this thread so … VOTE ! ^___^

Snowman, we’ll run the tourney on whatever platform the players want to play it on…i assume AES/PS2/DC versions will be on hand along with the stick required to play that way the game/tourney will be accessible to as many people possible…

I guess alot of people would be happy with PS2 or AES w/ PS2 adapters (if such a thing exists). But then again it’s down to you (K-Force) who are organizing it. But I see why you’re respecting people’s opinions because a decent turn out would be ideal after what happened last year in the BYOC/SNK tournaments.

I know this is early asking but will footage be available to download? I’ve never seen anyone from the K-Force play and I’m always after some nice high level KOF/SNK game videos.

im happy to run the tourney on all three platforms but the 2 players facing each other will hafta agree on which platform to play on, if no it should be decided by coin toss, whoever wins the coin toss chooses the platform to play on…at least that an idea i have rolling around in my head…its a bit too early to talk about footage, i wanna deal with one aspect at a time…i just want this tourney to happen with a decent turnout and for it to run as smooth as possible with a clear and definite victor

screw that, if 2k2 isnt gonan be official either way, lets just have a neowave or 98 tourney!
Ill play either way, entry fee or not, but Im less excited bout paying for 2k2 now that neowave is out and its missed its big chance to shine.

Well Im back from mexico, tonite I will try to talk to all my members tonite to see what we can plan for evo.

What I can assure is that it will defenetly be 2k2, cause NW and 98 are not really played anymore in the US. Platform will most likely be PS2 unless we get ahold of some more AESs. About the entry Im guessing it will be a $1 or FREE.

So I will read the forums to see what people think and chat with some people.

I will try to make the official thread by this week.

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