Free Money!!

I challenge all for $$$$ in cvs2 depending on how much i take i’ll take up any amount money match if i can afford it so 1st come 1st serve to take my cash.

20$ on the line thx tell me when and where my aol airic2112 thx bye :evil:

I’ll play you, $20 bucks sound good? You’ll know who I am cause I’ll have the shirt that says Team Beast on it. What you wanna do: Mirror Match or regular? This should be interesting Team Beast vs. Empire Bestia :smiley: . Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

i’ll play. 2/3, $5? we can do $10 if you really want. i remember playing you at MWC, WISHING i could shoshosho on the sticks.

All bets taken anymore? And yea MWC sticks wern’t my fav either but i play with what i get.

Im down 4 a $5 bet. 2/3. not 2 hard 2 find, probably will be the biggest negro there

Are these it?! Nobody else wants my money?!:eek: common guys!:lame:

man! Empire Beastia sucks! sonic boom sucks too! take my advice! play him for money! he sucks!

How many peeps on Empire Bestia anyway? Team Beast has like 5. I’d like to play all the peeps in CvS2. See how much $ i can acquire :evil: . Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

Only one u need to worry about is me and not losing all of your money:evil:

you have a girls name, theres no way i could possibly lose. 20$ 2/3 at evo

umm yea too bad im not agirl and you will lose.:evil:

$20 thurday night at shilo?

I challenge you at CVS2 for a quarter of a million. You up for it?

are these all the challenges imma get?:lame: I though you people went to evo to show you where good?:lol: Gez i was wrong.:bluu:

who are u anyways?

i don’t know you… but i’ll go first to 3 games for $12.50 in cvs2… if you want we can make it a random select match just for kicks

30$$ whatever outa whatever and I play P0groove…why not take the bet!!

All matches taken.:evil: