FREE Northern Cali Tourny! - April 29th @ 6PM

What’s up all you Northern Cali shoryuken members? I wanted to inform everyone here that myself along with will be hosting a free tournament at the residence of the owner of Right now he has planned to definitely put Soul Calibur 3 and Mario Kart: Double Dash in the roster. However, I am a huge Street Fighter nut so most likely we will have some Street Fighter games thrown in there, which will most likely include: Capcom vs SNK 2, Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, Marvel vs Capcom 2, and a Japanese version with a real stand-up arcade cabinet of Super Street Fighter IIx. Pretty much like Super Street Fighter II Turbo, but a Japanese version. These games are possible to have in a tournament if people will show up for them. He told me we can have any game we want if there is a demand for it. BTW, if you have your own custom arcade stick, you are welcome to bring it.

He also has an 80" and a 200" big screen TV that will be available for outside use! So people, if u want to have some fun and participate in a free tourny, not too mention, with free sodas and snacks to add, register and and RSVP in the Tournament thread going on.

For more detailed info check out and add geminate to your My Space friends list.


C’mon people. This is a free tourny!

Free Tourny, Tonight!!!

by free you mean… i get no money if i win… COOL!