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Check out the this post for the first of many

we are releasing an issue in Color for the very first time every week so check back often


So you did the coloring on those pages? It looks pretty good to me. There was just this one panel where the red wall background kind of blended in with the red of the soldiers’ uniforms while they were carrying Destro from the battle. But that’s a nice job. I never realized GI Joe was popular in the UK.


well I didnt do the coloring but one of our ( actually two ) colorist did. Some of our colorist are using these pages as part of thier portfolios that they are submitting too, so its good practice for anyone that is trying to get some pages done for examples of thier work and all

gi joe was known as Action force for the most part in the UK and this was a weekly 6-10 page comic that came out all in black and white and so ya we are doing the colors this is our 14th week in a row, some great stuff coming up too

this was a favorite story of mine so seeing it on color was a dream come true!

thanks for checking it out