Free Online Coaching from a Sponsored Player

Hi, I’m SX EMP rogueyoshi. Some of you may know me as a regularly featured Nappa player in DBFZ and veteran of many fighting games. I launched my online coaching site not too long ago. You can book for free using the link above.

I offer coaching sessions featuring either pre-recorded match reviews (upload your set to Youtube/Twitch/etc and we go over it play-by-play), or sparring + review on PC (using Parsec, which does NOT require you to own the game to play with me!).

I’m also giving free follow-up appointments after the initial one to judge progress and offer a form of continued development. Right now, the plan is two-week intervals but that may change.

So you are advertising a service here?
Did you run this thread by any moderators first? Just to make sure you are in the clear.

I am a moderator…

EDIT: okay, i just checked. my mod permissions haven’t been automatically transferred yet from the old board since this is my first time logging in, but yeah.

Lol pfft RogueYoshi old AF.

So are you giving free coaching to set up a side hustle?

Well there’s no strings attached. The main thing is doing something like this is unprecedented, especially with people being able to play with the only requirements being a good connection and preferred input controller since you don’t need to own the game. If it continues to work out, it could be a big thing of it’s own.

You should make a list of games you can coach on, fam.

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lol, adding that now.