Free Plane Tickets to Evo

So basicly you just have to sign up, drink 32 medium or large drinks and you’ll have a free plane ticket to Las Vegas or where ever else on this map

not a huge selection of cities, but most of the important ones are there though.

Get 64 drinks and thats one free round trip ticket.

Or 128 for 2 round trip tickets lol

I just saw this yesterday. I already have 4 coupons. :smiley:

Got 8 right now, gonna get another 2 more in a few minutes.

What do we have to buy extactly? A combo or a coke?

just a medium or large drink.

So next years evo is in vegas again?

Well if it is, then this would be the way to go. Or to get to Vegas for the fun of it if it isn’t there anyway lol

32 is one way. unless you want to take greyhound back it’s 64.

Since its only in the cups themselves. All of the Wendy restraunts should have received a shipment of cups for this promotion. Unless they only shipped them out to cities that have flights that airtran offers.

Example, Chicago is one of their listed cities so they have cups here for it. But perhaps cities that aren’t in their listed flight routes won’t get the cups… perhaps. But just goto a wendy’s and order a medium drink and see if the design of the cup is different. If it is then you’re good to go. If not then maybe you’re not in luck :(.

I just might have to go through with this. If you really think of it, your spending the same money to get a plane ticket, but your getting drinks also.

Too bad soda is terrible. :tdown:

and it costs a lot less to get that plane ticket too, Hopefully it isn’t in some seats in the cargo bay lol