Free poo poo trash garbage tier team!

We can found at the corner of clown town avenue and poo poo garbage tier lane.

I saw Pittsburgh in the title and thought it was someone new at first :rofl:



Random games and challenges


Carnegie Mellon CMUken Steel City Struggle
[LEFT]UC Connan[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5032 Forbes Ave.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Pittsburgh, PA[/LEFT]
Every Thursday at 7PM

Facebook group

I’m gonna pay and play CS…

Does that make me not part of Pittsburgh? :wonder:

No, it totally makes you a part of Pittsburgh, it does however make a significant dent into your masculinity. How about you and Kyle just start up your own support group. The rest of us will continue to be awesome men by manning up and playing dat Marvel!

What I lack in masculinity, I more than make up for by playing a non-dead game.

No main event for MvC2 at Evo. LOL :rofl:

But hey… you could always pick up TvC. :wink:

This conversation makes no sense…we don’t have to pay for CS.

SF4 is far from dead (carrying the entire fg community with T6). Doesn’t make it a good game. Besides, don’t a lot/most of the GG heads think BB is easy mode how I think SF4 is? :razz:

Oh. And go Bang for Top Tier! :rock: BANG BANGBANGBANG

You do if you want to play non-crap real CS that actually reads inputs.

… Stop trying to ruin my trolling Larry Literal. :arazz:


Tomorrow baby “BlackNess = Chicken Wings, and Adams on his own.”


good grief…with all that chicken in your mouth I don’t have to hear you complain about sanwa sticks.:sweat:

whats your problem with them, they are too long or something?

Too short, and my stick is fixed you would have heard no complaints IF you were at the AIP rankings slacker.

I wanna come over just to play Fighters Megamix. Good old days with that game.

Oh and CS is free now. It’s probably not arcade perfect but hey…nothing beats free.

Yeah man, Megamix is a classic :lol:

If anyone else in the city has any Saturn fighters throw them up, I could never find XvS or Alpha or anything, just those two. Maybe I’ll snatch up VF2 for it as well.

Rock steady wins…perfect!

Get ready for that beat-down Wednesday.

any ggpo buffs here?

I’ve been playin on ggpo since high school. I just can’t play here :sad:

I don’t get it…It never worked when I first downloaded it a while ago, and then it worked for a while and now its broke again…my router is broke so its not even a port issue (I dont think)

Just use 2dfighter. They do a pretty good job with fighting games online.

It’s time for first post in a new thread hate inspired post.

  1. Jake, poorly done.
  2. Whether a game is played at Evo seems irrelevant compared to the ability to find someone to play next to you. It seems to be better walk to CMU or Aaron’s and play marvel than celebrate the ability to spend a grand to play in Vegas once a year. Additionally, mvc2 remake sold more than blazblue. If marvel is dead; blazblue was aborted, bottled, and flushed. Also, my version of CS reads inputs. Neener.
  3. Instead of typing up a post and presenting a rational footsies/mind games based argument, can I suggest everyone who thinks SF4 is easy actually prove it. After all, if the reason is behind its “easiness” is that one player can take a beating and win with a simple ultra, it shouldn’t be all that difficult to prove.

And yet, that doesn’t seem to play out all that often.

I typed out an even longer rant during Mass Effect loading screens, but I will shorten it to this. Stephan, your stated reasons for disliking SF4 are retarded. I don’t say this just because I disagree, but rather to point out that if this question determined what level of math an individual would take upon entering college they would assign you to flipping burgers. “It has a top 4 that dominates but once again, everyone has the ability to do big damage in some way and to handle different situations and you don’t have to back off once someone gets super where in SF4 you’re forced now to lay off the assault.” There is almost no relevance or truth to this statement as it regards to whether a game is easy, shallow, or fair. The top 4 in ST are no less dominant than the top 4 in sf4. The difference from Akuma to Boxer in HDR is about the same as the difference from Sagat to Boxer in SF4, as is the difference from Boxer to the worst character. Assuming, arguendo, that “everyone can do big damage,” you still don’t have a point. The disparity in the tier chart proves that the game is inequitable. In the mystical big damage st world, the good characters are either better at it or can avoid it. It’s fucking great that T-Hawk can do big damage at any time, but akuma is still going to rape him. If I was determined to play a shitty ST character all your complaints about SF4 would apply to my ST experience. Further, you are never forced to lay off an attack in any game. I don’t remember getting sagat down to 30 percent life and having the game put me in the other corner. If you can’t figure out a way to space, jump, or poke properly when the opponent has ultra, that’s entirely on you. When Adam says, “I deserved that win,” how often does that come off a naked ultra? Almost never, it’s almost always off f+rh, so stop fucking jumping. I never played TJ in ST and forced him to launch Ryu’s super because I could no longer safely max out. Similarly, i haven’t been forced to waste green hands so TJ can resume throwing fireballs at me in SF4. Make an adjustment. ST Honda had the single most fucked up tier chart i’ve ever seen in my life. If you had a fireball you won; if you didn’t you lost. It didn’t even take an ultra to make you back off, all honda had to do was duck and store ochio. Your complaints seem to stem entirely from your unwillingness to adjust to the flow of a match. I’ve seen enough matches of Honda against Sagat to know that Adam and Jake don’t cry when Honda gets meter. They stop throwing fireball and zone with other tools. The reality is that ST and SF4 are won and lost the exact same way: spacing, mix-ups, and defense. From what I can infer, your opinion of one is based on playing a character where you are the one who gets to apply the “easy” damage instead of the one being forced to adjust. Oddly enough, that seems to be the one that is lauded.

“I typed a big long thing then said nevermind. However, I never had to worry about someone landing that 60% super off of a jab combo or a headbutt. And even if I did, I messed up but they had to be ready for me to mess up with it charged.” This only goes to prove my point. The fact that YOU never had to worry about someone landing that combo doesn’t say shit about the game, it proves that WE suck. I spent 2 years at PSU getting low jabbed into super and didn’t feel the need to cry about it. To the next point, I don’t remember Aaron getting his super and RJ automatically losing life. He made a poor decision (read “messed up”) and got punished “with it charged.” That same exact sequence can happen in ST, which recent reading material has lead me to believe is the single greatest game of all time, so it seems unfair to judge SF4 harshly on it.

“Edit: Im playing Boxer and Ryu and screw reading anything on them, I’m playing fundamentals with Ryu and HDR Honda with Rog. It works, I’ve seen it work. I’m making it happen.” What the fuck did you think you were supposed to be doing from the start? Have you seen TJ play ST and SF4? It looks exactly the fucking same.

The length of the short version proves how much loading time I get with ME2 on my computer…

  1. Mass Effect 2 is fairly enjoyable. This sentence doesn’t have enough anger, I apologize.
  2. Adam is secretly a star wars geek and fights with his girlfriend about whether he should dress up as Leia or Susan Sarandon at night. From what i’ve gathered, he prefers Leia as long as she doesn’t use the larger light saber.
  3. Reverse racism is a fucking stupid phrase and I question the intelligence of anyone who has ever used it.

Yeah I’ll play Third Strike or ST.