Free poo poo trash garbage tier team!

I don’t think I will ever be as manly as Nate. I could kill a bear with my own two hands and still not accomplish that task…

I’m a genius…

If anyone ever wants to play ggpo 3s or kof98 let me know

Just im me some time.

buffalo invading Pittsburgh el oh els!!!

2DF is no more :sad: Its called Supercade or some shit and isn’t nearly as good. Unless Damdai changed it in the past few days, you can’t play anyone with a ping over 160 I think and there are no rooms, you have to use the browser to see who’s online and some other stuff.

Nate, you’re right, I can’t adjust and I really don’t feel like adjusting but if that was my issue then I must hate 3s and Alpha as well, but I get stomped harder at those than I do ST and SF4 combined and I still enjoy both 3s and alpha even when I was on the receiving end of short short super or some parry comeback or custom combo or whatever. Even when I eat infinites in Marvel I think it’s stupid but I still don’t hate the game like I do 4. My dislike for 4 started before it was even released with pretty much NO new characters besides the 4 they have and the announcement of an ultra. Then, 3 days into 4, before I even played anyone and was unlocking the characters, I didn’t like how it felt or how it played and when I did first play it, I did pay attention to when even the computer got ultra or got meter and realized I was sitting back… ALOT.

I thought it was stupid, which is why I picked an offensive character who can’t even really be offensive past the opponent’s halfway health mark. Even at Beaver, I got pissed because I realized in a match that oh, Ryu has ultra, time to back off and throw fireballs and make him come to me, and in my mind all I kept thinking this is the most boring shit ever when I started doing it. I still lost to some ST -> ultra shit but still, the fact I had to completely stop and let him catch his breath pisses me off. That shit is for between matches, not right in the middle of a round.

Gaining an ultra comeback move for getting beat on is stupid either way and that’s one of my main gripes with the game besides the shortcuts. I wish in 8-ball that there was a rule that if you clear half the rack the other guy has the option to remove 2-3 balls if he makes 1 shot and its because you missed a shot and ended your run, but you ran your end almost completely out. That’s what an ultra feels like to me.

I gave it multiple chances and at some points I did enjoy it, like at Bellevue because I paid attention to shit in the game then like meters and everything but then I realized, that to me at least, it wasn’t shit compared to ST or 3s or Alpha. I wasn’t having fun, even if I won, even if I legitimately outplayed someone or cheesed a win somehow (I winced every time I landed a fully charged demon because that shit does stupid damage and I didn’t deserve an attack like that when I was getting pummeled) it wasn’t as fun to me.

If shit is fixed (damage toned down which I hear it is) in Super I might actually play it but until I see it I’ll keep playing my dead/dying games and let you guys keep playing 4.

And I read #6 as reverse sarcasm at first somehow and thought wtf are you talking about. And yeah, coming from my high school even as an honor student I should be flipping burgers but I cheated the system :arazz:

I really don’t care about a game’s popularity. I was just trying to respond to Jake in some sort of joking manner. :sweat:

Anyways, I really like CS, it’s a fun game. I don’t mind paying to play the arcade version (payed much more to play it during break). From my experience with the PC leak and talking to people, it seems like there are always some difficulties with the game reading diagonals.

That’s fixed with the proper input program. Joy2Key fixes it.

Sigh… I am going to have an arcade version available to play. I can’t bring myself to ignore that and strictly play the leak because it’s free. It just seems… Wrong to me.

You were playing a pirated version of Melty Blood. How is this any different? :-p

One is the console version of a game that I would purchase at a store for full price if I could, but sadly, I can’t, because it’s Japan only, so I’m getting my memory card modded atm.

The other is a full blown arcade game that costs thousands. I’ll play the PC leak if it’s all that’s available, but if someone near me actually shells out the money and buys the arcade version, then I’ll absolutely support them.

Haha. Nice new thread. I might show up for games 2marrow. We can discuss plans and crap for the movement. Wings are nice too. Haha.

Jake you forgot to put real men play Tekken too. Mr 2nd place. Haha! Props on that.
– Master KaijinJin –

Who do you use in 3s…I always liked dudley and urien. I just cant use dudley on real people and urien well… I would need a ps2 to practice a lot with him…so I just use Ken

I use Yang. He fits my “safe rushdown” preference.

If someone can locate a PS2 and 2 PS2 sticks for tomorrow or Friday I’m down to play some 3s. I’ve only played 3 Yangs ever and 1 was Jibbo’s :looney: I look forward to playing yours at some point Aaron.

My urien shoulder rushes are rusty as hell too.

dpost wtf

edit!!: Yo anyone interested in going to the winter brawl in Philly on the 27th? It has over 70 pre-regs for sf4 and the t6 tourney is lookin good too. Other games like BB and SC4 (VOTE FOR EVO! ITS ONLY RIGHT AND YOU KNOW IT) there as well.

Let me know if anyone is down. We need to keep traveling and representing if we wana continue to grow our scene.
– Master KaijinJin –

Alrite, I don’t really want to talk about pirate CS here much,
But, if somebody still says j2k or watever software fixes the lag,
I can responsibly tell you are not a real BB player or not at the level to declare yourself as a BB player.

PZ just shipped out my typeX2 board today (sorry for long waits, gentlemen).
I worked out hard here to get everything to be settled down, though the negotiation took me like a month, I will still get arcade CS up here in my place.

I am not intended to make a profit, not intended to rob money from you all.
I will charge reasonable amount of fee for CS just because I need to support the cost of keeping this setup.

For all you fanboys that are happy with masturbating on your fancy loader, fine, have fun with that and hope you will have great games with nasty CPUs.
For those who are looking for competitions, games, or want support arcade here, you are always welcome to visit my place.

Anyway, the board is not here yet (but will soon)
I will post up once I got it done.

I’ll probably give it a try once or twice.

Tyson, I’m waiting on my refund but if my car is fixed or I have the money I’ll definitely go.

One more thing…

> Jake
Plz change this thread name, its not funny at all.

This is proly going to be my last semester to be here at Pittsburgh, so I neither really care what you all are going to play nor debate about good/bad games.
If you are up for GGs or BBCS, or even KOF, just come over and get me.

Just popping in here to add that I’ll play pretty much anything as long as people are playing it.

I also have a DJ DAO IIDX + POP’N Controller Setup for anyone ever interested in trying these games.

you whats up pittsburgh. are any of you guyd planning on going to evo this year?

oh and about what nate said about sf4. he is so right about basically everything he said. i play abel so if ryu has ultra and 2 bars i don’t just run away from him. i just adjust my gameplan. instead of doing a meaty attack on wake up or something i try to bait his SRK, to either punish or get him to waste those bars.

my only real problem with sf4 is the trade system. i don’t think a char should be able to land a almost full damage ultra if something trades. why is it that when balrog trades his ultra damage output is reduced but when ryu or sagat trade it does basically full damage. i guess you can argue that you shouldn’t put yourself in that situation of being traded but sometimes it just happens and i don’t think you should lose 60% life for it. espeically seeing as they didn’t waste any meter on getting that ultra