Free Rock [Howard] avatar, changes can be made

I can color edit, add your name, or whatever, if you’d like. Dunno, I just finally found a gif of that victory pose and felt like working with it.

EDIT: Note to self: Rock with a yellow jacket doesn’t look too good. :lol: :confused:

^ Lol

Kensavenge, I think you need to check the posts on your avatar tounament thread. you are on the chopping block to be banned.

He just doesn’t learn does he?

That’s not editing your avatar, that’s making a new one. But… sure! Only for you, since you rarely ask for one! :pleased:

You know, I’ve tried being tolerant, but man…


just put kensavenge on your ignore list, and don’t respond to his posts.

but that is the fun part :tup:


But his posts are so amusing, despite the angry-aura around my previous post. >____>

perhaps, but it’s spam.
so please, enough with the jabs at his expense.

Alright, alright, fair enough. :lol:

mechanica, howd u make that black shit from the sprites dissapear(the wings)? I cant seem to do it, even with what rei told me to do.

Uh, what black shit? There was a little bit of stuff, but I just pencil/eraser’d it out, if that’s what you mean.

I didn’t rip the sprite, if that’s what you meant, either.