Free Sakura Avatar. Pink

Avatar Up For Grab.

It was orignially for ChainReaction, but im supposing since he hasnt used it(when i made it back in… February??) Obviously it will have your name on it. Who want’s it? First come first serve.

I can also change the color of the groove bar, and the filter for the background. but not sakura’s pink outfit.

You must use it: the only reason i’m putting it up for grabs is because Chainreaction failed to use it. Use it now, or in the near near future please.

i would use it cause pink is hot, but i hate sakura with a passion. Change the text too cause its whack, but nice avy hail =]

You got it. would the font in your current avatar work?

Hes not saying he would use it, Hail…

i’ll take it. sakura is bad ass and pink is pimp. plus it’s a bad ass avatar.

Fuck sakura then :tup:

Tapps - Ill give u the sakura one. But its going to be pink. Unless you want a skyblue background, blue a groove bar. and same pink sakura. ok with you? tell me which one you want. pink or blue.


Alee - as you requested. Smaller font.

dats fly.

i’ll take the blue one if you don’t mine.

ok, ill get to it sooner or later. sicne alee isnt using my av, does anyone want that pink bison?

tapps here you go:

Please use it. :sweat:

anyone want the bison one??

oh snap, get me one of those with ken. in pink ^.^

haha, its like one of those sean power things but with pink. I don’t know man, I don’t even have any ken sprites on me. And if i do, doing what? I dont feel like doing hard shit heh.

can i have this avatar? just put ATV on it and ill take it and make sakuras costume with HP if its not to much to ask if it is then ill just take it as it is

thanks for the avatar it rocks man, sorry it too me so long to replay.