Free SSF4 Tournament! BestBuy Manteca, Sat. July 3rd

Game - Super Street Fighter IV
Entry - Free
Prize - Fixed $75/$50/$25 for 1st/2nd/3rd respectively
Time - Tourney starts 3:00 pm NO EXECPTIONS (sign ups will happen prolly starting 2:00pm)
Player cap - None that I am aware of thus far
Single Elimination
2/3 rounds, 2/3 games (Grand Finals will the only 2/3 rounds, 3/5 game format) = Subject to change with you guy’s opinion

BestBuy @ Manteca, CA
Address - 934 Perimeter Drive
Directions - Click this link

My take on things:
So I’ve been contacted by “Hitman” Armondo that he managed to talk his workplace (Manteca BestBuy) into throwing a SSF4 tourney to gauge interest for future in-store tournaments. He wants me to promote the event and perhaps organize brackets and such. I have no really strong ties to the store so I can not 100% guarantee that things will work out perfectly but I’ll try my best.

seventy five bones HOLLUH

Will it be BYOS?

I’d bring sticks just in case. However, it does bring up an interesting question as to what system this is going to be held. Right now I don’t know, so i’m going to have to make a call with Hitman in the morning to find out.

I mean, I’m concerned it’d be like the rigid rules of the Gamestop tournament where you must use the controllers provided.

If I didn’t have to work and if Manteca wasn’t so damn far from me I’d be all over this. What would u suggest in order to get other Best Buys to do tournys like this? What did he tell the store manager?

:lol: was going to say the same exact thing as dman1869 :lol:

So here’s the latest scoop. I was contacted by my friend who works at Manteca BestBuy and they said that they are not ready to host a tourney this weekend. They won’t tell me why, which is another reason why a regular player like myself don’t like working with corporations. Regardless, the tournament has been postponed until Saturday, July 3rd.

In other news, I hear that the store is not feeling the idea of double elimination because it may drag on too long so it’s most likely going to be single elimination. I don’t know how you guys would feel about a 2/3 or 3/5 games so whatever you guys want I can relay those sentiments to corp. Personally, I’d like to play more matches just in case I get merc’d early. As for console, I’m guessing that 360’s will be on hand and it will be BYOC.

As for hosting tournaments, I honestly don’t like having big corporations host tourneys because they tend to not be keen on standard tourney rules. I just got lucky promoting this since a friend of mine work there and was able to talk them into this tourney. I like free tourneys and I hope this first tourney will be successful enough to persuade them into considering more events like these in the future. But for anyone who wants to throw local tourneys, I suggest doing one at a local comic book or video game store then build your rep from there.

Bumping since the tourney is this saturday.

I’m going man and I’m gunna bring a good 3-5 people. what system is it on? so i know what stick to bring. I work right by best buy aha at the movie theatres yee! and my homie moises works at best buy

If it wasn’t far away, I’ll go.

I’m surprised I haven’t mentioned this. The tourney will most likely be held on 360s

Really? I was under the impression that it was PS3; My friend actually mentioned the tournament to me about an hour ago and he said it’s PS3 but i’m not sure. He said they were giving out fliers or papers for it or some shit.

I’m confused. I went in there before work and the paper says 3:30, also is the prize cash or gift card?

I’m a complete noob but I’ll enter anyway for the experience. I’ll be practicing up tonight ;p

damn you know me and andrew will be there. Blanka all dayyyyy

edit: Anyone from manteca who plays ssf4, ST, 3s, cvs2, hit me up… we play a lot and do sessions every weekends… theres only 2-3 of us that i know :frowning:

Hey DJ, I might be able to make it afterall.

I live in weston ranch but I go to school at East Union High. I’m new to the competitive scene, but my gamertag is xthumbtack, so hit me up. I’m usually busy with sports and stuff but I wanna get better so yeah.

(I’m HORRIBLE against Blanka)

Hey cool guys, ILLiterate and I are on our way. We should be there a little after sign up begins.

damn… interesting way to get back into street fighter lol. Didn’t really think anyone decent would come to a little local manteca tournament but damn… cool to see some hitters in my town lol. It was fun, had to go early cause of work but everyone seemed to be having a good time minus the MASSIVE tv delay. Guess It’s time i quit playing super turbo and move onto ssf4 :frowning: