Free stock madcatz joystick, buttons, namco buttons, namco ball top, hori ball top

^Exactly what the title says. Here is a picture that i took.

PM’d. Also do you know if the red balltop will fit the threads of the white stick?

second in line if he doesn’t take it

Ok heres the deal you have to take everything, not just one ball top. yes the red and yellow ball top will fit in a jlf stick and stock madcatz stick.

I’ll take it all, I’m even willing to pay for some of that, just to get my hands on that Red Balltop.

Even though the topic says free, Does $20 (shipping included) sound reasonable to you?

Cool. If no one takes it (fat chance) I’ll gladly take it :smiley:

Ill pay 30

ok if koab or shrimpnoodles doesent reply back to me in a min. its going to ‘OmegaDL50’.

PM’d back. Was I quick enough?

I snooze, i looze :sad: