Free stuff for HI-RES Cabinet Artwork!

I need some HI-RES art work for my mame cabinet. I am looking to theme it around 2-D fighters and was wondering if anyone can whip something up for the side panel, control panel, and marquee… I will of course post pics of the cabinet once its done and will open a flickr account to upload photos to.

Okay I will be giving away stuff to get you guys to create me some Arcade cabinet art work. This includes a marquee, monitor boarder, control panel, and side panel art work. I am looking for a 2-D fighter theme. If I decide to use your art work on my cabinet I will send your one of the following:

1st Limited edition Phoenix Wright Stylus
King of Fighters XII (Xbox 360)
CVS 2 Limited Edition Figures Chun Li and Mai from San Diego Comic Con
Neogeo Battle Coliseum (PS2)

Im not sure what resolution would be best but here are the dimensions:
Control Panel Size = 26in x 8in
Marquee = 27in x 7in
Monitor Boarder = 22in x 3in
Side Panel = Not sure ATM

I dunno if these count as HI-RES but this site has a lot of (downloadable) artwork from Capcom’s CPS-2 Cab’s :tup:

Thanks but I was looking along the lines of custom work. If anyone is up to it…