free stuff....


tekken 6
og mvc3
please if you dont need the stuff dont ask for it…
you guys pay for shipping
might take a few days to reply/ship out as I am in Argentina at the moment

edit:both for xbox …the mvc3 has chips on the inside from the metal case and the tekken six has light scratches both in perfect working order


I could use a copy of MVC3.


pm me zipcode
ill be back in California by late tuesday so ill ship out wednesday thanks


i’ll take tekken 6. been wanting to pick it up for a while now. thx.


If for whatever reason mvc doesn’t work out i would take it. never played mvc3 more than a couple minutes at a buddies xD


I’ll take tekken 6 if twotone doesn’t get it


if any of those that wants the mvc3 doesn’t get it, ill be here


pm me zipcode plz


u.u i guess Im late for that Mvc3