Free to play or re release of Street Fighter V. Vote for best way to drum up more active players

With Capcom’s rough launch, it does make sense that they should allow a way to up their player base online and get people in later by having a true free to play option. 0 dollars gets you something. We’ve seen this work in Killer Instinct and Dead or Alive 5 and countless PC/mobile games. They could also re release the game at a lower price to add more players.

So the options to vote on are.

**1. Make a free to play version of the game to get more casual users in at no expense. **
2. Re release an apology/Season 2017 edition of Street Fighter V **that contains a lot more single player content and releases when a lot of the multiplayer bugs are fixed.

3. Other method that may work.

I’ll vote for 1. If this is viable on PS4 and Steam it would be a great option to at least get people in and playing. I believe Dead or Alive 5 Core Fighters is available on all platforms and PC.

Edited to add extra options.

Best way to drum up new players is for everyone to stop bashing the game everywhere and start talking more about its merits of which there actually are many. But people see something wrong and the self-entitled gene kicks in wanting free shit for it so they talk about the negative everywhere instead. Noone wants to buy a game that everyone is talking shit about, plain and simple.

I guess that falls under number 3 LOL

i dont know how its on consoles but on pc it has a pretty big playerbase, at least when you compare it with all the other fighting games.

the game will go on sales during the year and content will be added so more and more people will get into it and may stay.
right now the playerbase is the last thing you have to worry about when its about sf5…in my opinion.

Cool. I like these other takes. Good to see that some people have a decent outlook without any changes to the game’s model.

I never understand this fear over how many people are playing the game. How many people do you need active to have a good experience? I always think of 3s in this argument. Fightcade has about 100 3s players on at any given time and you can always get a match. You can only fight one person at a time. For the issues that this game has I can’t see playerbase being one of them. Let me know what I’m missing here.

You’re missing doom and gloom.

I’ll go for number one. There are people who don’t feel like buying a fighting game, so free to play might get them to change their mind.

I thought there would be a poll.

@d3v doesn’t like polls

Neither. Second option is especially bad, a re-release is not an apology (nor does there need to be an apology).

Having to re-buy the game you’ve already bought after they’ve said there’s not gonna be multiple editions?

Just add that stuff in with patches, problem solved.

free to play with rotating free characters. one month ryu/ken
the next chun/cammy

Since when did single player content become so important for fighters? It’s a genre best suited for multiplayer. They should be putting that above any single player content. Maybe a simple arcade mode so people can fight the AI, but that’s it.

And what are they supposed to apologize for? They said before release that the game was going to be incomplete. I guess they could apologize for the server problems during the first week, but Ono already tweeted out apologies during that week while the issue was relevant.

None. Both would be kneejerk reactions. Capcom needs to stay the course. They can do more promotions as a means to drum up interest. They can have a sale whenever there’s a major update, do free weekends for the PC version, do a Taken King style release if they plan on doing a major overhaul. That’s how CS:GO got the wheels rolling.

When did free shit start costing 60 dollars?

I vote for making the game free. It’s their only choice if they want the game to have a large and robust community.

Fighters shouldn’t depend on single player content. But we don’t live in the world we should.

I don’t think the idea is to re-release it and force an upgrade on everyone. Basically all of the characters and costumes from year one that are available with Fight Money or Zenny, you package it all in a new retail release. Basically like Mortal Kombat XL. As far as I know, everything in XL is available to everyone that has the original disc. It’s just a value based re-release collecting the DLC together.

I think we ought to wait for the March/June updates before we freak out too much. From my perspective, I’ve been having too much fun playing to be bothered too much by the doom and gloom.

I can assure you the people working at Capcom haven’t had that luxury.

Neither. The damage is already done. Their plan for “better” experience will come, but to some players, this is something that should of happened early on… before the reviews persuade the casual audience away from the game.