Free Year of Amazon Prime (If you are a student)

Hey SRK!

I just came across this great deal. Since many of us shop at I figured this would save everyone a lot of money. If you have a valid ".edu" e-mail address from the college you currently attend you can get One FREE year of Amazon Prime.

Basically you can earn 2-day shipping from Amazon for a whole year. Something they charge $79 bucks a year for.

Here is the link:

Amazon Student

Here is the best part. If you already paid for Amazon Prime, and then sign up for this you are prorated the amount you paid. PLUS, amazon resets you whole prime membership as if its day one.

Here is the terms and conditions, and FAQs: Help: Amazon Student

Time to order a lot more stuff from Amazon now! :tup:

Wow thanks a shit ton. I rarely buy from Amazon, but free expedited shipping can’t hurt none.

My old college email addy from like 5 years ago still worked for registering :lol:

No problem Gren. Hopefully more SRKers take advantage of this. I freaking love Amazon. Do a lot of my shopping through that site.

I’ve had prime for a while. When do i get money back if I sign up for this?

Almost instantly ronin.

I just did mine, and I got a e-mail for my prorated refund within minutes. I had it for a few months and it gave me back around $47. Not bad.

Ahh what the hell it says my .edu email is not valid. I bought prime over winter too.

THank you. It worked :smiley:

Thanks man, I rarely buy from Amazon, but it’s a good deal nonetheless.

Too bad there’s tax on Amazon…

Signup Failed

Our apologies – an error occurred while processing your information. It’s not you, it’s us. Please try again by completing the form below.

Does it mean my email didn’t work or Amazon having problems?

well this is mighty sweet, thanks! yaaaaaaay going to college

Thanks for heads up OP! This will make things easier when shoppin for the holidays.

Thanks for this!

Does have this or am I SOL?

Got it. Thanks!

how long does this offer last cause I start school next month

Or you can do what I’ve been doing for the past year or two; make a new account when the Prime runs out so you can start the Prime trial over.

Apparently, they don’t care…[knocks on wood]

wow this a great news. quick question, does it have to be a new account or can we change current email from to .edu?

when i signed up i put in my college email, got confirmation, and then i checked the email i have for my amazon (hotmail), and it seemed ok. It said something like “welcome to amazon student” or something.

what im saying is, it still works.

bumpers for those who have not seen the deal.

I do not the answers to all these questions. Best consult the link, and read through the terms and conditions, or just e-mail amazon if you are feeling bold. haha