Freedemonia in East bay!



What we play:

-Street X Tekken
-Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012
-King of Fighters 13
(and on a smaller scale)
-Soul Calibur 5
-Viruta Fighter 5
-Super Smash Bros. Melee/Brawl

*Note - We have every fighting game imaginable in our resources and are willing to play whatever game people are up for.


-Please throw trash in the trash
-Please ask before using the bathroom
-Respect items and furniture at venue
-Drugs/Smoking : Please do it off property
-Don’t bring weapons
-Alcohol is fine, but only of age. Be responsible
-If you have to think about if it’s wrong, then don’t do it.
-If you cannot pitch in for food, do it next week or don’t take more than you can give in.
-If someone from Freedemonia is giving you a ride, don’t forget to reimburse them.
-In all honesty, any person disrespecting anyone (family, friends, Freedemonia) is giving up all rights to defend themselves and will be suplexed on the cement. Be respectful and courteous to others.

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Hum~ Late night scrappin’…I wish I worked on main campus and not downtown campus =( Good Luck!


Also, if I get enough people to come, I will be able to get a bigger place (crossroads) and a different time slot for the event (every other saturday from 2pm to 12pm). Thank you Ninja for the luck, I will need it to make this event grow.


I’d be happy to attend if I could get one of those Guest Passes. I go to a different college but live nearby to SFSU.


For this Monday event, just come and bring your drivers license or California ID. Guest passes will be later down the road. Hope to see people tonight. :slight_smile:


Good luck Worf!
I hope this venue works out, as most of us know there aren’t a lot of great places to play in the city. It would be wasted if there wasn’t any participation.

Unfortunately, I can’t make it out tonight. What room in Mary Park are you holding the gathering?


Sup Thrust! Thanks for the luck. it is in Mary Park Lounge, right through the main doors ( you can’t miss it). Its pretty small, only 3, maybe 4 setups. But if enough people come, then I could be upgraded to the “crossroads” which can hold 100-200 people, a much better venue! At the moment, I am negotiating the 1st and the 3rd Saturday in every month from 2-10pm at the crossroads. So I hope people could make it tonight!

P.S. If anybody wants to help out, I would appreciate all that I can get, so message me. Time to get the Bay Area growing!


great event. my friends and I had a blast. see ya guys at the next one!



Thank you everyone that attended, it was an awesome event! I will work hard for the next one :). Train hard for our next battles!


I had lots of fun at this event. Thank you so much for hosting it.
I am unable to attend any Saturday meetings, but if you guys are ever thinking of creating more Monday gatherings, I would come for sure :slight_smile:


Sup EBooKey. Even though the event is moved to Saturdays, just message me for some pick-up games. Ill be more than happy to host (if I am free that day). I am glad that you enjoyed the event :). And for all the peeps out there, I am told that I have received money from my work to buy food for my event. I wont buy food every event (gotta stretch it), but when I do, I would like to know what food you guys like, don’t like, and allergic too. Cause I dont want to buy like 20 pizzas of pepperoni, and half of the peeps there hate it.


Hey V, so the next event is going to be hosted on a saturday? So either November 6th or 13th? I just want to know what’s going on so I can tell my buddies about it. Oh and you think next time we can get 3 setups going at the same time since you had that extra projector? Like you’d have the wii, 360 and ps3 all going at the same time. Just an idea because my friends all play on ps3 and don’t have 360 sticks.

& about food. I don’t mind chipping in a few dollars to help you out.

-mike chee


I didn’t even know about this event haha. Can you update the first post so I’ll know when to come down and I can tell my friends about it. Just asking for an update because you mentioned something about negotiating for Saturdays instead of Monday.


Got it updated guys, hopefully that will solve questions. Yeah, I can do 3 projectors. If any of you guys going to bring a system, please tell me so I can reserve more projectors and TV’s.


Great Work, looking forward to the next meeting



This sounds pretty cool. I might have to stop by at some point to check it out, even though I’m a super scrub. lol. I’m a SFSU Alum as well, so… might as well :slight_smile:

Things might be looking up pretty soon though, as far as a scene in the city goes… I’ll keep you guys posted. :wink:


this interesting dojo has me interested :bgrin:


what games usually end up being played


Most of the time Super Street Fighter IV unless there is a consensus by a good amount of people to play something else.


Us Berkeley EU guys are looking into attending.