Freedemonia in East bay!


Anyone interested in playing usfiv on pc? If not, i’ll go back to sleep lol.


pc as in online?




I got blown up by DM Burnnotice on Tuesday. I need to stop getting hit by cross up burn kicks. I cheated Martin out of losers bracket yesterday.




Yo, I might start holding regular sessions again. For those who are interested text me or message me on FB. I kind of want one big reunion. IF not that’s cool. I miss you all.


I’ve been craving sessions, I’m going in hard on SFV.


EDGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR come over and play with us!


Dude, why is it so hard to find bay area local fights? Ugh.


We keep quiet, and I feel like the Pac North section died for the bay area.


I’m now living in the area and was wondering what meetups or events are around?
I live in El Cerrito and Berkeley (practically)…


are you guys still alive?



I’m not going to officially say that this thread is dead. Most of our conversations are continued on FB and Discord. For the ppl that are interested (old acquaintances/newcomers). I’ll leave this link here - .


It seems like the Discord link is expired. Is the Discord still active? Could I get a new invite?


Sorry about the late response! I don’t check this thread often lol.

Yeah, I’ll shoot an invite your way. Check your PM. Just come in around 6-10PM. (The discord is active during those times)


Could I get an invite as well? I posted in here YEARS ago.


Check your PM.


It’s been a fun ride, guys.


Bye guys!


If anyone wants to continue the discussion of this thread. Just PM me. (asap) I’ll be around to provide a link to the discord. Some of us are still around. First of all, say hi and introduce yourself when you come into the discord. Lots of unfamiliar handles, haha.

And this is my goodbye to you guys as well. Thank guys for the memories! (It’s not the end)

-Nice video Garrett. It’s also posted on the discord chat. We all thought it was great!