Freedemonia in East bay!


I know for a fact Satoshi dropped Bang and went straight to Makoto in CS2.

Top tier is cool so long as the character is cool.

I hated Blandy McBland (chick with the white shirt and jeans) in Melty Blood even though she was like top-tier apparently?

Neko-arc FTW.

Also, still waiting for people to post the FAQ that will teach me what the win strategy for that character is.

GGs to crack session and cheap greasy filipino food

Also, Demon, are you still playing BBCS? If not, could I have my copy back? The revelations tourney made me want to play it again

Edit: Also, Haibing, did you take Zaku’s flash drive the other day you were at our place? we can’t seem to find it

Shoutouts to losing stuff >.<

If you need to borrow a flash drive for something you can use mine or my external drive MaNoel.

Blandy aka Aoko has a shitty sprite design but her playstyle is really unique. She’s always been good but not top tier, the closest to her movelist is like normal Phoenix with the traps and TK shots. To play her well you really need to understand oki, teching and frame traps. Neko Arc is cool but Neko Arc Chaos is even more lulz. The best though is boss G666:

Anyone see this? Super Nerd Night - Tuesday 7/12 @ Rogue Ales Public House in SF

I’m probably going to check it out for a bit.

^^^ NR^2 used to hang out with us at Eudemonia, I’ll try and stop by after work.

Aoko is an awesome character design. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yo real talk about NCR, I wanna make sure I got everything settled so I don’t have to worry about it later.

Who can I ride with and who can I stay with? :3

I liked using her as a character primarily because she had this weird overhead pressure from a block string that I could abuse (likely because no one knew invincible reversals at the time)…

But, yeah, she was kinda devoid of personality.

That said, Yun is awesome and I would main him if I weren’t so on the fence about getting AE.

Same time as Bart Nation…

I don’t know what everyone else is doing (and I’m still a little confused with regards to this weekend).

She looks like she’s getting ready for training in the ROTC…

Well, actually, this is what it looked like in the Filipino equivalent of the program.

I would make it out to SFSU if you guys weren’t wrapping up by the time I could make it out there on Saturdays.

But anyone who’s interested should stop by to the Rogue Public house, great crowd, lots of games (board or otherwise).

So apparently I’m going to be able to go to NCR, but I wanted to know who is offering rides and when and where i should meet them?
@ Bitkid I dont know if your offer is still up , but is it cool if I crash with you guys?

Edit: I agree with Crispy we need to get the FDM crew organized for NCR before its too late! :slight_smile:

So bart you get that ps3? When is your sessions…TBH i don’t care if its Tuesday or Wednesdays.LETS PLAY!

and I think…with summer classes, I won’t be able to attend any more sessions from here on except dojo
cause from what I can tell the course is gonna be hella work in a small time frame.

GGs to the dojo and afterhours full night and day crack session afterwards. I keep saying to myself I won’t be doing it again because it breaks my body but I keep coming back for more, it’s like… crack…

Regarding NCR, I’m driving down there this weekend but I’m too poor to participate in the tournament. And me and Manoel are also interested in crashing at Chrisis and bitkid’s if there’s space for us. If not, then I might just drive back home and come back the next day if I get enough gas money. I estimate my expenses on gas, and it’ll probably be 4 to 5 dollars per person for one round trip if I get 5 people to ride with me.

I finally bought a few games with that voucher I got from the CEX tournament. We went and visited ambiguoscrosup at the cex in SF. I was tempted on getting a few of the newer games but saw that a bunch of Wii games were on the cheap so I decided to get a few cheaper ones instead. Got Metroid Prime 3 for $5, Madworld for $5, and Trauma Center Second Opinion for $10. With MP3, I got 50 more points on my club nintendo account, and now I need 50 more to get that power star messenger bag, anyone have points that they’re not going to use?

I still have a backlog of games I haven’t played. Although I’ve been only buying games at discounted prices or budget titles so I haven’t blown that much money. It does give me something to play when I’m bored or too burned out from a fighting game.

I recently went back to play some Wii games since I lost my PS3 power cord for a while, thanks BartStation for finding my cord.

I went back to play Trauma Center New Blood, which is the 2nd Trauma for the Wii. I got the game at Costco for like $15 a while back. I forgot how stressful this game is in it’s higher difficulties. There is so much stuff going on at the same time, for instance, you’re fighting this robot virus with a laser pen that appears and dissapears everywhere while you are extracting tumors and there is also little things like the patient is bleeding everywhere and his pulse is going down from time to time so you have to keep an eye on it and give him a shot so he doesn’t die. Sometimes you don’t really know what to do so you have to do all of this stuff while actually trying to figure out how to complete the operation. There’s so much micromanagement in the game, even with two player mode. And to finish it off, there’s even a time limit. It’s like they tried to condense a real life operation (except with the fictional robot virus) in a five minute time limit. I can’t imagine how stressfull it would be to run a real operation that last over 5 hours.

Also, I was replaying Muramasa for the extra endings. The game is really nice to look at, but the gameplay could get repetitive if you don’t enjoy it. I think it’s a hit and miss depending on if you like sidescrolling hack and slash beat em ups. It does have more variety than the old beat em ups like tmnt or final fight. I actually think it’s more like Dungeons and Dragons Shadow of Mystara, but in 2D and 1 player only. Here’s a video of that boss I was talking about with similar proportions to the Amazoness in the new Dragon’s Crown game.


Posted this in the wrong thread lolmao…

But I will be driving down to NCR Saturday. I have three spots left since Silis got the first one.

Chrisis are we still splitting that room depending on how many people are going? Lemme know

Also, DKL, will you be going to Bart’s on Wednesday? Wanna cop that Yakuza 4! If you’re not going then you think you can relay it to one of the Oakland/Berkeley people who might be going to Bart’s? Thanks thanks.

I’ll ride with Kevin then. :smiley:

Now I just need a room. >.<

I’m in with Kevin too I guess.

If there is a shortage of space in bitkid’s, we might want to think of booking another room soon. I’m all for cramming in as many people in one though, since that means less $ per person.

Daigo is entering Marvel at NCR, train up your troll teams, people, and get our fight money back!

Also, I know BART wants to do a possible Wed. session, but is there any interest in attending Starbase this Wed in-force? There’s supposed to be a special guest!

@Zaku: Muramasa is so very pretty but I ended up only playing through with one of the characters (my friend played through with the girl, and I used the emo dude). Combat lacked depth but I didn’t mind too much. Did you give AE Juri a try at the last Dojo?

Japan is going to take everything at NCR !!!

So I guess whatever bart wants to do.If he decides to hold a session.
Ya so nerdjosh is gonna be at starbase this weds.
Depends on who is willing to drive FDM peeps up there.
Debating if it is smart to go to starbase, get couple hours of sleep, and be super tired at class for thursday.(assuming someone is driving up there)

Good thing I didn’t go!

I shall provide gas monies for both days.

I should just give you my Nintendo points; I’m too lazy to micro-manage all that shit, but am under the impression that I probably have a lot of them.

How does this work?

Due to potential weekend crack sessions, I’m probably not going to show up at Bart’s.
The other problem is that I’m usually pretty out of the way when people drive to San Francisco, so I’m not sure if it’s possible to relay the game to anyone, unless they go visit me at my workplace on Wednesday night.
But then, I inevitably will want to go to Bart Station’s house if this happens, so I’m not sure if it’s a good idea.
That said, are you going to NCR?