Freedemonia in East bay!

To the people who are riding with me, there is a possibility we can be leaving tonight for NCR instead of tomorrow morning. Let me know if you’re ALL good with this. Depending on how things turn out, we’ll meet at the same place I mentioned above, but changed to tonight.

It’s not guaranteed, because we’re figuring out a place to stay. So, just be open minded and leave that time frame open.

If all else fails, the go to time is tomorrow at 7:30 AM at SFSU/Mary Park Hall.

Thanks and hit me up on my cellphone if you have any more questions.

What time are we leaving tomorrow?

(talk to me here; I think my phone is in my bag, but I’m too lazy to leave my room and grab it… I’ll be in this thread for the rest of the day complaining about games I’m playing)

ALSO, I think I may have to skip out on things in order to spectate the Mario Kart tournament.

His dive kick is -0 on block.

You just suck man, I can do the slash slash FADC U1 already but only get the 2nd like 1/10 of the time.

I’m curious what you’re basing this claim on Yang’s dive kick always being safe? Both of the twins’ dive kick are at least even on block when hitting below knee level but most dive kicks in this game are punishable when they contact above waist level.

Nobody is staying with Bitkid and Chrisis for the nite on Friday nite cuz were crashing on my grandparents floor. I’m not bringing anyone else.

Nevermind, it’s -1 on the highest possible point for Ken.

It’s post 5/6 or something.

I did a quick test in training mode with a dummy sweeping, timing a dive kick that hits pretty close to the head, and holding back after that. I was mashing srk as Ken after blocking and Yang was able to block the srk.

Alright, thanks for letting us know Bitkid.

I clearly stated in a previous post that I was only checking out a room for SATURDAY NIGHT.
I will refer you to post Freedemonia in East bay!.

BIT dont worry. Someone else, not kevin, said to stay with you. I guess that person didnt read nor acknowledges other peoples posts. HA.

Oh…NM. Silis told me ppl were confused or something and thinking I had booked the room both nights. Now I am confused :stuck_out_tongue:

Sry I’m just hella stressed out tryin to get things coordinated for this and work and ST side tourney.

bitkid = Freedemonia’s 2011 MVP

Ya’ll are tempting me hard to attend and further complicate matters. :stuck_out_tongue:

No silis, said something else. But ya Bitkid is cool, we ONLY get saturday night. Unless all you guys want to pay for a REAL FDM ROOM

FDM sponser poverty champ money matches por favor? D:

I’ll throw down, and side bet so I can get something back ~
I BELEIVE I can make back all my registration :stuck_out_tongue:

yo chris,

chrisis vs fchamp concept money matches at ncr?
first to 10?

Damn, not sure I’m ready for that yet, I need a console to hone my stuff before that will be a readily achievable goal.

i say your rdy.

I’ll pick you up at around 7:30 at your place. Then we’ll go get BartStation and Haibing and hopefully leave and be on the freeway at 8:00, 8:20 the latest.

7:30 AM, right?

Yeah, we’re leaving saturday morning. Unless people want to spend the night in my car on friday night…