Freedemonia in East bay!

cause laggy game play just isn’t enough!! We also need laggy training mode!!! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Also shout outs to pandora mode! Sacrificing one of your characters to get bonuses.Sounds like X-factor,but dramatically less broken or not.
If you sacrifice a female character, you get it for the whole round because the gods loves the pussy.

I like the aesthetic that starts when Pandora mode is activated, those colors and style is <3 Makes the normal for the game look like ass. >.>;

Yo, can someone read the new posted rules for me?

It’s all TL;DR

But, yes… do we actually have to clean up our acts now? I kinda enjoy the thread as it is.

If you guys aren’t willing to snitch, I won’t either


Yo, what the hell… we’re like mad conservative now, apparently?

What happened?

What you mean?? Why do we have to clean up our act? Snitch? On who!?!?!?
I thought FDM was always conservative, until recently we became more liberal.
There are somethings that shouldn’t inconvenient whoever is hosting. If it is a online thread, what mess is there?!?! AHAHAHAHAHAhA

GGs last Sat. and…

TGS sony conference -

I’m like reading a lot of the rules and I don’t know if it’s because I’m law school now, but I’m like going out of my way to think of how problematic a lot of the wording in the rules are.

This is kinda like that Chicago gang statute I talked about with V and how it was unconstitutional for being vague; shit was full of lawlz because it would punish people for standing around and “loitering” (doing something without a point) with suspected gang members…

But if they were standing around and, say, doing a drug deal, you couldn’t ask them to disperse because of the wording of the statute… because it only covered people who were standing around without a particular purpose (“loitering”).

I move that we have a troll clause in the OP enacted by our viking overlord that specifically allows trolling in the FDM thread… because it will not be designated as “trolling” as everything would technically be on topic.

ANYWAY, I do suggest giving the new rules a read through:

I just ran thru them. Seems kinda Misplaced in the Norcal-regional thread.
Sure they may, assholes in this thread but most ignorant,rude people usually do not come here. (regional forums)
So does that mean, we can’t say “mean” jokes? But those are the best!!! Seeing how we, or most of us know each other and know where everyone is settling beef isn’t much of a problem.
No racism…or racial slurs is prolly the one I am most sad about…now I can’t say nigga, and how chinese people can’t drive…etc etc etc

All of all the Norcal threads, I feel ours is the least fighting games related! We talk about ALMOST EVERYTHING except fighting games mostly anyways
except when chrisis decides to share tech with certain people.
The trolling part was the funniest cause the definition it had. Cause this whole thread isn’t productive at all, I mean look at all those pictures and videos of stuff!!!

When you said FDM was more conservative I was like our sessions isn’t anywhere close, now I see your referring to the new "rules"
I am sure no mod have that much free time to crack down on every post >.<

Really for free speech to be “protected” when did it get lost during the transition from being on the computer LOL.

Oh wells, Cum rags and people’s daughters,gay tip pirates with gay parrots, and “The Best”! (needs more references to ADD!!!)

Lets put it this way, what is talked about in this thread…stays in this thread. If others want to open Pandora’s box and see what we’re about…it’s their freedom (AHAH) to come here and see whats up.

Just don’t go outside this thread saying dumb stuff/ignorant stuff, simple as that.

lets all talk about cats, cats are somtimes orange

Fuck that, Clifford clearly debunks your theory.

Yea I’m pretty sure that our thread is largely left alone, I’ve made posts containing nothing but a single video or pic and have received no infractions.

I enjoy this gif a lot.

ALSO I think Ill be around for the coming dojo and chrisis session if it can happen this week.




So the seiyuu seem very suited to their respective roles, May’n has the whole veteran diva thing going and Megumi Nakajima is just cute and awkward. May’n has a lot more stage presence and vocal projection, Megumi isn’t bad but she seems to be struggling at times. May’n’s voice, while shrill at times, seems to have less trouble hitting notes, while Megumi strains bit on some parts. Even when they’re executing identical choreography Megumi looks a lot spazzier, not to mention her perchant for awkward snapping and uncomfortably raised shoulders. Overall though I think the two compliment each other very in a live and the duet performances are always excellent.

Totally on topic.

Yo Jose, this is Dacid’s match where we were shit talking to the other dudes, and I believe the match he had to play to make top 32:


I don’t mind talking about cats. :3

Real talk, I feel like I’m talking to myself whenever I post here. /foreveralone

Make sure to contribute randomness/random thoughts in here because that always gets shit going.

Hence, Twisted Jago in his own “Player Hating Series”:


New characters lookin real good, as usual.

Iron Long :slight_smile: Yo, I kinda had a feeling stance changes were going to pertain to him.

But, DAMN! Ryan wasn’t lying about Vergil. An AIR super!!!

Because we can never hear this song enough



Also, ending to Stein:Gates was pretty godlike.

They look fun, Devil trigger, Dante’s jump S, a DP, looks like his tools are in someways similar others different, I’ll try both characters.

Iron-Fist reminds me a lot of Jam, the shoulder wall bounce, the flying kicks, colorful mode change stuff etc. o.o

Vergils normals look just as big as well as faster than dantes, but that could be the quality of the video. I had said before that I imagined vergil with dantes j.s, but if I said it to nobody then all you have is my word. Looks like he also has a teleport, 4 supers, bold move, dantes divekick, a variant of dantes qcb.b, and a few things of his own, notably a dp that otgs (that looks identical to Khans dp from jojos), a dorm black hole-like move, and a ground version of zeros air dp. Looks like he’ll probably be one to watch out for.

Iron fist is harder to get an impression of, but I’ve seen his hands glow red, blue, and an off green, maybe yellow. Looks like he can otg and wallbounce and crumple on his own, but I’m not sure if I saw him ground bounce or not. His launcher is also badass cause he just stomps the ground. Looking forward to more information on this character.

You guys think the rest of the cast will be revealed at this event? I’m not so sure, they don’t want the hype to die down right before the game comes out. Also I’m gonna call megaman being in the middle of the character select screen with no prior knowledge of his existence.