Freemoney-tv live stream right now

Hey, I’m doing a blazblue live stream on psn, there’s no game audio but I’ll be MC-ing it up doing some commentary and talking about how shitty I am.

If you want to play, a game will be up called srk livestream.

6 players best of 2, psn only, heres the stream.

if you want in the room, send me a friend request on psn, my name psn is kohryusan

If I can get even just a few people I’ll set one of these up regularly.


Was gonna chat for a sec, but the link you put was jacked
EDIT: NVM, figured it out.

Well, there was over 20 people in the room, thanks for the support everyone, sorry my arakune is garbage, atleast I got some practice.

Oh and the stream isn’t over yet, we’re just speccing games’

if you get a game going, I will definitely stream it just tell me the name of it and I’ll try to spectate it

That was pretty cool actually. I was hesitant to jump on the stream since my Tager is still pretty “meh” as was pointed out.

Oh well got me to stay up an hour later than I anticipated.

Great quality on the stream.

Shooot. Someone has to do the same for XBOX sometime!!

Mike z!

If anyone was having framerate issues, lag let me know, I’ll try to fix as many problems with the stream as I can.

Just curious… what do you use to stream your consoles? I currently use a Hauppauge to record for youtube and then I’m using software to stream the Hauppauge video window/desktop… It’s really taxing on the laptop I use when I’m at tournaments and casuals with everything running. Would like to find a hardware solution.


Edit: By the way… I have the volume maxed and can barely hear you.

tonight was a huge success, see you nerds tomorrow (later today), thanks again for all the support.

Nice stream. Too bad it doesn’t allow for guest text lol.

Everyone who watched today should take a few minutes to sign up, so we can have more fun.

Seems like ufragTV won’t allow me to make a new account right now. What about something like Teamspeak for chatting during streams?

I’m sad that I missed this. I would have loved to watch even though I’m not on PSN.

wow if only i knew this was going on grrr
i hope i can surely participate in the next set for sure

I would, but it’s UFC 100 today, so…:smokin:

I managed to watch a few matches of the stream but wasn’t able to participate that day. I’m hoping to join in later today or tomorrow if possible.

I’m running into some really dumb audio issues, but I’ll have the stream up soon.

Coo. Hopefully they’re is a good Nu player as I still suck with her.