Freesync tearing probleme

With Freesync on (Iiyama gold phoenix) and Freesync enable on Fury R9 (AMD catlalyst) , can’t run USF4 and SFxT without tearing…
Only way is to use V sync on in game option , but it reduce my fps in 4K (for SFxT , USF4 is fine).

I’m new in gaming PC , does it somes options i miss to run this game V sync of and only Freesync without tearing???

Why are you using V-Sync in those games in the first place? Isn’t the recommended option to reduce input delay to disable it?

To stop tearing…
Somethings definitely wrong. The whole point of freesync is to not have tearing or stutter without vsync afaik.

Btw you tried sfv beta?

Not wet cause i build my freesync station yesterday , i will try this week.
Hope SF5 doesn’t need V-sync to stop tearing.

I found some interesting here :

As far as my limited testing in SFV beta went PC vsync on(defaulted on) is the same as the PS4 version, so vsync off the game should be a little bit less input lag than the console version.

Tbh i think you might be better off asking on beyond3d or rage3d for help. Im under the impression its an issue between amd driver and sfiv engine. If sfv, witch runs on UE doesnt have the same issue i wouldnt worry about it. Keep us posted though. Im considering a freesync monitor myself but i only have a 290x so 1440p might be a better choice…

AMD say SF5 work well with Freesync :

Saddly i must wait to buy SF5 on PC , that Fury R9 knocked my credit card.

I think i might still have a steam beta code so you can test. Ill check when the im home this weekend

G-Sync and FreeSync shouldn’t involve games having V-Sync turned on, I believe… And they must be forced from outside the game options.

Always do sync locks via drivers. Always.

With SF5 Freesync work very well.

Nice. Does it run at 60fps at 4k with that Fury card?

Can play 1440p max setting 60 fps freesync no tearing , compare to PS4 it’s so hudge.

In 4k SF5 medium setting SF5 is 50-55 fps with some drop to 40.

I think i will play 1440p for now, and i will make a crossfire R9 Fury or buy a new Polaris before saison 2.

Ok thx. I think my card should be able to push the game at 1440p at 60 fps so not sure if i should go with a 1440p monitor or 4k. The price difference is pretty small but i would prefer to run the game at the panels native res

I couldn’t tell you about panel lag on monitors with the LG 34" panel, but for my money, I would be all over the Acer XR341CK - 34" ultrawide, curved, freesync, 1440P.

1440p on Iiyama 4K GB2888UHSU-B1 look very good , if you will change GPU or will make a crossfire like me next year…

Very nice screen, but a bit out of my pricerange. Plus it has more pixels to fill, increasing the risk of dropping below 60fps on my current setup…

Iiyama will make a new screen soon SILVER CROW , pretty sure it will be a 1440p gamer (good price and Freesync):

Theyve actually already got a 1440 p freesync monitor, the b2783qsu-b1… Its only 80euro cheaper then the 4k one you have, and its also not beeing marketed as a gaming monitor, so not sure what to make of it…
It might be best to wait a bit but with sfv release getting closer its really starting to itch.

I wish it gave results for v-sync off and triple buffering. Wonder what that’d do.

I’ll put up with tearing to save me some input lag though.

Though this makes me wonder what the hell SFV does.