FreezeCracker Fun Tournament (SFIV, BB) - Tallahassee, FL - 04/17/10

FreeCon is happening in Tallahassee, FL, and with it, a booth! At our booth, we’ll be holding 2 tournaments! Both will be a double-elimination Street Fighter IV tournament and a BlazBlue tournament.

Date: April 17, 2010 starting around 4PM for SFIV. 8PM? for BB. Sign-ups any time before that!
Location: Video Game Room, Student Services Building 2F @ FSU Campus on 875 Tradition Way/Woodward – Tallahassee, FL

Fee + Prizes: There is no entry fee in the spirit of FREEcon, however there are still big prizes (what exactly is still being worked out with certain video game + local companies), and the honor of being the FreezeCracker SFIV/BB Champion! (very prestigious)

The turnout is expected to be HUGE, so the biggest prize is the RESPECT™.

FreeCon FaceBook Page:

Played on Xbox 360. Wireless Controllers will be available if you do not provide your own controller. All characters unlocked. Best two out of three matches set at default rounds and time. No button macros other from 3K+3P, no pausing, no autofire.

If anyone has any questions, please contact me.

Sorry, screwed up on the date-- fixed now!


could you add it???

I will bring a setup or two

whoops, sorry i didn’t check this thread again :frowning:

we barely had time for bb though so i guess tvc would have ended in tears as well x(