French artist Jean Giraud (Panzer Dragoon artist), aka Moebius, passes away

To clarify, he assisted the PD team by providing some artwork for the creative process-

He is also a close friend of Miyazaki, naming his daughter Nausicaa even.

Among his works are Blueberry, XIII, a Halo graphic novel and Azarach.

May he rest in peace.

Sacrebleu! I shall raise my glass in honor of a true master as I eat my Brie de Meaux and escargot!

Huge loss for the fantasy world. And it’s weird how games like Ico/Colossus are championed as VG works of art (which they are) but Panzer Dragoon gets swept under the rug.

Sad news. He was insanely good.

Dave Gibbons just tweeted that Moebius was the only artist he ever asked to do a con sketch for him.

I’ll have to dig out Orta tonight and give it a play in his honor.

Great man who gave us good memories

Holy shit this man is like my fucking idol…

I can’t believe he’s dead…

2012 fucking up and killing all the wrong people…

Some footage of Moebius sketching and appearing alongside Joe Kubert and Neal Adams-