French Bread is hiring people for "a new 2D fighting game"


According to the official website of the guys who made Melty Blood, Under Night In-Birth and Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, they are searching for people living in the Kanto region for make “a new 2D fighting game” with “2D dotart and 3D backgrounds”.

I read some rumours like a year ago that French Bread wanted to finally develop a new Melty Blood from scratch and in HD, but i don’t know the status of the company/Doujin group after all the money spent in Fighting Climax now. Still good to know that they are working on something new.


A new Melty Blood would be fantastic, I hope if they make it it’ll also come out on consoles (and in the west).


please dont be another gg/bb ripoff.
kof/sf style would be awesome


Honestly i don’t know about Dengeki but UNIB is definitely not a “gg/bb ripoff”, is pretty much similar to P4 Arena if you ask me, they even tried to make the game much more “ground combo friendly” and more similar to KOFXIII in the “EXElate” upgrade, but anyway, i don’t think that French Bread will try to make a fighting game with that style.


I think a game like SF/KOF where it is only martial arts/super powers and little to no weapons would be cool and different from French Bread


I’m pretty tired of lolis, sword wielders that are teens/edgy, effortless fighters that fight by waving their arms and shit happens, the crazy guy(there is ALWAYS one), lolis, the characters that think they are clever but aren’t (Oh GEEZ, its a nerd fighting with pencils, and his super is study session! So original Kappa), lolis, big tits seductress, lolis, and boss who is an uberpowerful loli.

A game with some new martial arts introduced wouldn’t hurt.


This is like saying kof is a sf ripoff, lol. You don’t even seem know what’s the purpose of FB games neutral, so stfu. Also MB came way before BB.

Do you even know games? All I see is blind hate. Their only original game was UNI, the rest are fighting games for characters who already existed, so stop saying like they always do the same thing.


Great news, thanks a lot for sharing. But i can’t help but think…how many years have it beeing betwen they looking for workers and unib coming out, just as a reference? I’m not 100% sure, but i think it was around 2 years. I’m not expecting to see something so soon.

assuming we are talking about mechanics, not aesthetics


-mb is a indisputable chain fighter/airdasher.
It have a lot of liberty in air movement and chains, more than even marvel and gg. Super jump>double jump>air dash back is the kind of thing that would be impossible in gg, for example, but is quite normal in mb. Chaining a stronger attack into a weaker one too.
Different from GG, you have a guard bar that can be broken (in kof/garou/alpha3/cvs2 style). While you do have a “burst”, it don’t a have a separate meter bar (like gg/bb/person): you can only use it while you have full meter and you sacrifice all your meter for it.

-unib esque is closer to last blade. It have hop like “assault”, while mantaining chains. Other common point with old school snk games is that every character have at least one normal that when done during dash, have different proprieties and animations.
With the exception of long range specials and all projectyles, everything is air unblockable…even air normals. But you can still block those last with “shield” (like garou JD or lb/samurai shodown deflect).
Airdash is universal, but only foward, and the minimum height to use it is too big for effective IAD…it’s used very little.
4 of 14 chars have step style dash, ther other 10 have a run.
For double jump, just 3 of 14 chars have it.

-in Dengeki, double jump is universal, but just 3 of 8 chars do have airdash (and only foward). Until now all chars use run style dash.
But a lot of things can be airblockable there.
The game have a “burst” system with a lot of influence from persona/bb/gg.
And a assist system.
They make a fast overhead (with a follow up that launches into combo) and a move that push foward with guard points universal.

So, it looks like they are experimenting in system with less air movement options, but still with universal chains. It makes sense to say it’s similar to snk experiments - like last blade speed groove or real bout fatal fury series. But it makes sense too to say what they are making is similar to a midterm bettwen sf2 and marvel esque. If they make a new game that isn’t mb, i think they will continue going in this direction.

If they are making a new mb, my speculation is that they would probably make it much closer to older mb games. But the complexity of mbaacc (31 chars, 3 moon styles, with a lot of room for mechanic arcanes) would probably go away.

In terms of aesthetics…the animations of dfc are noticable less detailed, but the backgrounds have more depht, elements and contrast compared to unib. My guess is that they won’t return to 2D backgrounds (like the one’s of mb). In char concept area, anything can happen really. And it’s a question of personal tastes more than something technical in the end. Ranting/beeing wishful won’t make anything.


And snk still struggling to release a kof game every 3 years

god damm snk what happened to you


It was rumored there would be one this year to celebrate their 20th anniversary


UNIB is very close to KOF with chains. So IDK what are you talking about.


I want to see a Tag fighting game, preferably 3v3 with assists.


According to some people on DL, those are old news, apparently it was related to Dangeki Climax


No, the old news is that they are not searching for people anymore, but in the request site they are, indeed, giving Dengeki Climax as an “example” of what they want (called 電撃FC).



That’s not Melty Blood, is it? It’s obviously the same sprites, but I’ve never seen a team mode or anything like that in Melty before.


Is real, a mode only available in the PC version of Act-Cadenza.


Even some fun combo videos for it too.


i never said kof is a sf ripoff,with the rise of loli/doujin fighters we need more martial art fighters so dont push me over ok buddy?.


LMAO at Loli doujin fighters, do you even know what those words mean or do you use it like every other idiot here on SRK?