French cvs2 players?

I’m gonna be in Paris starting next week and staying for at least a week. I wanna play some games with the French players while I’m there. I’ll be there with another friend who also plays cvs2 pretty well.

You’re welcome. Go here for other games request!

Hi Laugh.
Unfortunately, parisian cvs2 players are trully lazy bummers when it comes to organisation except for Adm which is currently in japan.
I would recommend you to contact HNK and ST players first who are a bit more serious and then, ask them to call the cvs2 players so they move their crazy lazy asses to some already running gaming session.
Pharaon was in japan this week for the Dream fighter festival so you should get some challenge on Hnk.
As for ST, there isn’t really a huge community nowadays, more like people that do ALSO play ST. Try and send mutronix or frionel a private message (always on console-league, the website forum my mate mentionned).
Kind regards.

Ahaha can’t you manage to come to France 5-6 th january instead? (just kidding)
There will be a big CVS2 tournament held in Lyon, 3h from paris^^ Many french, german and greek players there :slight_smile: