French Soldier Wounded By Knife Wielding Extremists in Paris


Here we go again…


Your link is fuxed.

I shall point the way.

It would appear that your thread title is a bit premature. According to the article, the only thing known about the suspect is that he is tall and (extrapolating here) may be hatless.

That said, if he is a Muslim extremist, then bully for the news media and its tendency to pound these news stories into the ground,despite the link between mass media reportage and subsequent copycat crimes.


24 people killed, 33 wounded by landmine laying extremists in India(Maoists), can we also discuss this?

About the wounded soldier, it is still not known, who the attacker is, it happens quite often that persons in uniform are victims of assaults by leftist groups in Germany, so it can be everyone, just like in Norway.


A wee premature


His enemy is good in knife.