French video^^


hello everybody!!!

i’m akra a player of third strike in paris , france

sorry but i don’t speak good english^^

i have some videos for you if you want, you FFA, the japanese RANBAT, but for the europe nothing…:sad:

link to video 3.3 on youtube: (akra ken player / me^^)

and (Kx chun li player)

and a best bout of te last session^^: [media=youtube]6TcNCqktndI[/media]


ps: where is 5star? it’s a long time i didn’t see…but ayehood it’s a nice surprise!!! good ken^^

my msn if you want:


I hope I’m just spoiled by watching the Japanese ranbats…


Looks like some of the stuff I’ve seen on xbl…


Er… Kx is not a a Urien player ?? O__o Uu


no, kx = chun li french player

rx = urien jap player