Frequently Asked Questions Thread


I see the same questions being asked over and over on srk and fb junkies over the years. I’ll work on this throughout the week and once its done JP can sticky it.

Q: Is x move hit confirmable?
A: It is said in Japan that 12 frames is the fastest a human can confirm a normal into a move. Ken’s cr mk > jinrai is 12 frames. While this is the fastest possible, mastering this 100% is very unlikely, and therefore players use situational confirms when confirming difficult moves.

Q: What is a situational confirm?
A: A situational confirm is a hit confirm taking the scenario into consideration. These include confirming the stand/crouch animation, start up animation of a move, and recovery of a move. If you visually recognize that an opponent is standing while getting hit, you can assume all low moves will have hit them. The same is true with overheads and the crouch animation. Confirming the start up animation of a move simply means you see that the opponent has begun a move, and cannot guard. Confirming the recovery animation of a move simply means you are whiff punishing their move as they have not recovered from their move to guard.

Q: I play on pad/keyboard, should I switch?
A: Yes! This is not a matter of opinion but fact. It seems like in other games like sf4 there are successful pad players but I cannot think of a single strong player who uses pad or keyboard. 3rd strike is an arcade game, and not playing on stick restricts your ability to play on a cabinet. Also there are many things in the game that will be more difficult to execute on pad/keyboard.

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Please comment and submit a frequently asked question if you can think of any. I’ll be answering how to deal with gouki’s tatsu later since everyone seems to ask that question as well.


Anything about parries, copied from srk wiki. Also found info on a random blog

(Also known as “Blocking” or “Teching” in Japan) A defense mechanic that gives a slight frame advantage to the defender and leaves the opponent open for a counterattack. The

When an attack is parried, the parrier and the object being parried are frozen for 16 frames. Note that the object may actually be a projectile, in which case the projectile would be frozen and not the character who threw it. During this 16 frames, the parrier can cancel into block and parry, and can tech throws (note that since you cannot intitiate a throw, you can only tech after the throw connects). In addition to this intial 16 frames, the object is frozen for another few frames, depending on the attack: Jabs/Shorts–4 more frames; Strongs/Forwards–3 more frames; Fierces/Roundhouses–2 more frames; Specials/Supers–0 more frames. Once the object is unfrozen, the attack resumes its animation and can be cancelled into another attack as if it had connected.

(Some projectile attacks do not seem to freeze when parried because they are actually several individual attacks that approach you at the same time, rather than one multi-hit attack as is the case with Akuma’s Red Fireball for example. Oro’s EX Yagyou Dama and Akuma’s KKZ act in this way, even though they seem like one big projectile.)
If a parry is successful, your character will automatically parry any other attack that hits you within the next 2 frames.

The game ingnores your inputs during the freeze for air parries. However, you can still buffer inputs during the freeze for ground parries.

If a jumping attack is parried, the attacker is reset to a neutral state upon recovery of the attack if it recovers before he lands. This means he is once again free to attack or parry, and even block low upon landing (trip guard). If it does not recover before he lands, he will be stuck in a small recovery upon landing.

Parry resets the juggle count (and thus resets all scaling).

You cannot parry 1 frame before the end of YOUR attack’s recovery

Red parry windows for all moves: 3 for normal moves, 2 for specials/supers.

Blue ground parry windows for ground moves/fireballs: 10 blue, 6 sloppy.
Blue ground parry windows for air moves: 5 blue, 5 sloppy. (Interesting.)
Air parry windows for all moves: 7 blue, 6 sloppy.
Red parry windows for all moves: 3 for normal moves, 2 for specials/supers. [/details]


@Rictorxix‌ sorry what’s the question?


Oh whoops, I just see parries frequently asked so I thought I’d post it in case anybody in the future had a question. Is this an advice thread of sorts?


Oh ok thanks. Nah just a place to leave answers to frequently asked questions. I don’t trust srk wiki so I’ll get my info from game restaurant.


I think last week, I was playing on Fightcade as Urien and somehow I managed to do a low parry into a Tackle. I know that we’ve had this discussion on how to do something like a parry into a Headbutt or Alex’s Stomp(I think hold down, tap up RIGHT before the parry+P/K), but I was wondering if this also works for doing a low parry into a forward advancing charge move.


@aku‌ I don’t know the answer to that but I think 1) not frequently asked question. 2) telesniper might’ve already wrote about it awhile back so worth searching. 3) Ryan’s thread would be a better place to discuss it.

If you did it, it must work. Might just be super impractical like the low parry vertical charge more or 1 parry LL’s
Sorry buddy


Check the General Thread aku


How do you confirm Dudley towards mk? Is it a link or a cancel and is it necessary to do it consistently?


You can link it or cancel it. How necessary it is to do consistently is up to you and your play style. If you think about the range and counter poking capabilities, it can be best used during pressure to score a hit that is easily confirmable, or when someone is dashing in to stop their movement. I would say it is important to confirm dudley super as much as possible, and if f+mk can fill some holes then you should learn how to pull it out asap. I would assume you asking this means you don’t use cr mp/mp xx ducking super? Those are probably even more useful than f+mk.


I’m trying to learn Dudley on the side right now and use x 2 mostly as my confirm so I figure f+mk would help with mixups better than cr.MPxxDucking at the moment. I need to experiment with Ducking Upper to see which version of the move is unsafe. I assume MK Ducking is fairly safe but HK Ducking is punishable.


Perhaps I’m thinking a bit too far ahead, but cr lkx2 can’t really be your go-to, since it only works point blank.


So what do you think is best for Dudley as a hit confirm into super? Kanipan into f+mkxxRocket Upper,, st.hkxxducking, and dart blow into super are the other common options I can think of. Maybe I’m playing the character wrong but I feel like Dudley’s best options are when he is in your face so maybe that influences my decision to use hit confirms up close and in the corner. I’m a noob so if you have any suggestions I’m all for it lol.


Well IMO dudley’s normals have different spacing according to the matchup. Some characters are likely to stick out moves that you can counter poke with roundhouse, some have moves that are easier to hit with cr./st. strong. Personally I think that strong xx ducking super is dudley’s strongest move because of its speed and confirmability. It gives him just a little taste of what it is like to be top tier.


All versions of Ducking Upper are unsafe. Also don’t forget Dart Shot, super on crouching hit as a hit confirm.


Don’t forget toward mk is so good because of its huge frame adv on guard.

Also, you can super when the opponent parries it sometimes just to keep them on their toes.


Since we’re on the topic: I totally suck at Dudley’s hit-confirms due to mostly playing online, but on account of I’m going back to Japan really soon (still dunno where exactly), I’d like to look into sucking less.

You mentioned crouching mp into ducking. I always see good players doing that, but I never do it (when I practice against the CPU, forget hit confirming anything online) because I can’t get it consistently. The only way I’m able to do it is to start the half circle motion, and do mp in the middle of it. Is that the only way, or is there some easier way I’m missing? Trying to do mp then the half circle seems too slow.

It took me a solid year to realize I couldn’t get kanipan > kidney blow > uppercut because I wasn’t returning to neutral, so…I just want to make sure I’m not missing something equally obvious.


I’d be interested in knowing this answer too. Doing HCF while doing c.MP is possible, it’s just kind of an awkward motion, especially if you’re already holding DB.


Parrying a jump in and then f+mk xx upper looks so sick too
+frames+forward movement
I would give f+mk 8/10 as a move. It has a proper name… Kidney blow?

I was really really bad at it for a long time. I can’t offer too much advice, but I don’t start the motion before the move or anything. It just took a lot of practice to learn an efficient way to execute it. There are a lot of things in 3rd strike that just require really quick motions, and you have to become fast with practice. In cvs2 when they do short short super and it’s some dumb snk motion, there is no way to explain the buffer, you just have to get quicker and more precise. Lame answer