Frequently Asked Questions Thread


Wait, wha?

I disagree wholeheartedly on not involving yourself with the community. Ask questions. Get to know strong players. Ask more questions. And practice. You’ll learn way more by involving yourself and being active about learning as opposed to trying to learn this game in silence and being “self taught”. The best players are willing to help; just be polite about it and be willing to learn.


It’s your job to disagree with me. As in you make money and are given great respect for your position as it stands against anyone that says what I said above.

My point is that these guys are going to hold his hand way too much and tell him stuff he doesn’t need someone telling him. The obvious shit. You phrased your comment so that I can’t say anything along the lines of what I would normally say without hitting a bunch of walls.

Strong players will not help you.
I don’t know how strong he is but I do know he has a backing of the entire online community behind him so him simply speaking at you is enough to blow the smoke out of your ears rather than in. But that doesn’t mean that what he gives is anything one couldn’t find learning on their own.
would not help unless you showed up at Don’s.
Boiler super heroes
there would be way too many political factors and language barriers. None of that, they would say. But if you asked for specifics, they’d look at you like, "didn’t I just say none of that?"
would help as far as you could hope to learn from his play. He’s not there to hold your hand. That’s how he stays strong. Though he does have some strong advice as far as what you’re doing wrong. Usually in a very tongue in cheek manner, much like myself. I won’t post here anymore, so don’t look at me for that.
You could find me at Don’s and pay for my entry fee and I’d spend all night teaching you what I could.

Most others will not ask for much excepting a bit of yourself. Which is vague but usually payable in some form of adequate respect i.e. You let them talk down to you like a little baby dummy scrub and then when you get good you still suck because it’s you and not them who has been here forever.

I’ll go down the list with the players here cause fuck it why not:

He’ll teach you but he’s like buddhist ( probably karate or tae kwon do, though ) or something so everything will be phrased in a way that pretty much blocks out all coherent discussion ( stance, only way ) in some way or another. To pull out of it or to even attempt it will have you met with either some pull away from the focus of the topic to some popular notion that will carry you well among your peers here at the illustrious 3rd strike roach motel or you’ll forget what you wanted to say through some tangent that touches on everything, by generality, but gives no real input, detail or specific stance on his own manner of approach. This is how they win. Whether it’s his own turn to speak or anothers, you won’t get a word in edgewise. If it’s not because the logic is unfounded, it’s because you lack compassion to fit in with the community. Or something about evolution.
No one said learn this game in silence. I said get gud by the merit of your own drive. Something along the lines of “You are now as good as you thought you could be. Try out the community at this point.”, “Now, can you get better?” I.E. Continue?

Will tell you to watch videos and hit up training mode. Sometimes he’ll tell you that you should just block. Other times he’ll tell you to pick a good character and don’t hold yourself back by some code of honor. I think honor is a pretty nifty notion to hold yourself to. Builds character or something. Sometimes he’ll share a specific skill. Sounds like he’s vying for specific set ups most of the time because speaking up in deference to what he says will usually have him grasping at social straws when his croneys jump in and start attacking your character. I haven’t learned a single set up in this game so maybe he’s on to something. I hear he’s won tournaments in Japan. Something even the best players here in the states haven’t been able to do.

idk who he is but if he’s a ggpo player, they are all stuck on a certain impulse pattern as found in direct connection algorithms. Try it out for yourself at Don’s sometime and see how stupid you feel by the end of the night.

Plays chun so that means you’re up against all odds and he’s still playing the same wind up 30 matches in. Lives in Alaska. Might have a lot to say about how shitty my play can be but in my defense I was still figuring out the kinks. Funny enough, the election results have left my ears feeling great. My eyes too.

One of yuuki’s croneys. Outside of that…I guess he googles stuff for you sometimes?

Says he doesn’t do much but compile lists that people will ignore. Outside of that, will probably lul you into a false sense of security and then make attempts out of there. But ultimately will not bring the fight, instead will wait for opportune moments and loop at you with ggpo style tactics.

Probably can’t read.

He’s popular here but runs on hype. Don’t know how much you like playing the “jump at me so I can parry and get more hype” game.

I hear he’s in Japan but if I read correctly, he’s only still an intermediate player. But in Japan, even the scrubs put in the time to learn the whole game as it should be played, rather than only learning key set ups.

I think he’s one of the ggpo players that thinks himself a doujin. So he’ll play you well but once you lose, he will ruminate behind the screen, make sure no ones talking shit on the chat and then leave half way through.

idk but nice boobs

Another one of the ggpo specialists. I don’t recall anything with him except that maybe he played akuma and left after a short streak left him feeling a bit undermined.

Probably one lesson. Unless you watch his stream and hound him for tactics but just the same he plays on ggpo and will usually run some kind of noise pattern. A lot of the newer players are doing this kind of thing. I think it has something to do with stuff south of the border. And other with the Way. You wouldn’t believe how many people take to hormone streaming, voltammetry.

There might be more but I can’t be bothered to look through this css with its js mouse cursor games.


Oh and I forgot to mention about the ps2 version. Unlike the newer ones, it is wired to be impartial, and to function on a purely Japanese board through impartial algorithms that are meant to stand the test of time ( I started using my ps2 again recently and it’s fucking wonderful. My xbox may never see the light of day again. ). The ps2 version is not in any way servile to some popular notion of a culture or “pre-dominance”. If you are following the wrong noise pattern, it will let you know. If you follow the wrong noise pattern anyway and then change back to the correct one, it WILL let you know. If you approach the fight in a way that will drop you into a series of actions that, when done optimally, will feed you in to a series better for the cpu opponent, it. will. let. you. know. The game cannot run well unless it is running optimally, and so the computer will not “give in” half way through an optimal approach. If you want to mess around, it’ll let you. But if you challenge it, it won’t give you a foot unless you ask to be let out. uhh…unless you tap out…an uppercut or something.

The reason Duralath likes the idea of not sitting in silence is because the new community is trigger happy, and the new community pays his bills. They will slam the stick for any valid point, even during block. That means that the execution barrier is dropped for the sake of keeping up the hype as the underdog has set it. Too much hand holding. You’ll be worth more in pennies than in plausible respects payable to the game as it exists to ENRICH out lies. I mean, enrich our lives. 3rd strike is also kind of being pushed out by the chinese communities in favor of some of the more strict playstyles found in the even numbered games. Everyone wants the reward but no one wants to put in the work. 3 is a working number. The even numbered games reward a sequence of set ups with what they call “hard reads”, which means the blit throws out the book in lieu of holding the player to the rigors of their own discipline. Meaning, the game will throw out everything and hold the defender responsible for eschewing their own cognissance of the situation rather than simply presenting the last move taken again. So, less like chess, it’s a game of dam. Which is like the what checkers is to chess but in asia.

Having said all that, there is something of a monolithic understanding to how these games are played because of the noise factor that comes with having an audience full of splenda testosteroned men hormone streaming impulse and madness. 3rd strike is composable. The only reason it still feels monolithic is because of the tension from the hormone streaming or if facing a female player, because of the friction. It was their way of being inviting to the females. Also a way of hiding a ton of other things. And when I say it’s composable, I mean, that as long as you have action and don’t hold down so that the race runs into the 2nd layer of the processor noise, meaning you don’t hand the phase over to the one with the new setup, you won’t lose ground based on race conditions and your parry will buffer into their low forward or their crouching strong. Sometimes, you’ll even be able to make them drop combos because you are so cooly and they will have time in their easy as pie combo to wonder to themselves, “how come he’s not streaming into me?” or in other words more descript to some, “how come he’s not sweating/secreting it”.

As weird as all this sounds, it’s disgustingly true.

Now read what I’ve said and regard the onslaught on my character that is to come.


My computer got real fucking loud all of a sudden.

If you have any dissenting beliefs, you might want to view this site from a downloaded html file that you parsed yourself and read in from a text based browser. If you still get a head ache from what you read, it’s probably just bad logic handed down to someone as a promise. We are no longer in an age of tyranny. Breathe well and be happy, even in spite of.


It also might behoove you to learn about the iching if you want to get to be more than polite or servile among these dudes. There’s a vpn or something running through here that rigs up a lot of noise from the bloated js environment they’re running. Could be the php. Who knows really.

Edit: lol I scrolled to the word duralath and my processor overclocked for a second. Earlier, my ntkernel went berserk. That’s the thing that works with Javascript. That “programming” language that can’t access the computer if not through virtual memory. You know, that stuff that holds all things internet and all things related to the monitor.


i think dander means it is dangerous to just eat up what people say.
be skeptical, find stuff out for yourself.

i’ve done this a few times with remy and twelve.
and everyone laughs because ‘who cares, its remy and twelve’.
but i think it’s all useful. learning what’s possible and destroying unfounded ‘knowledge’ is only good for everyone.

for example, a much bigger deal for most people than remy and twelve stuff, double fukiage on chun.
this was seen as something that MIGHT be possible but no one could get it right for how many years?
and then telesniper decided he wanted to see if it was possible and figured out how to do it.

if you follow the herd they might lead you off a cliff. know when and where to break away.


Oh hey, I got a mention that’s cool. I’m not in Japan anymore though. :frowning: I’m pretty bad by “people who play 3S in 2016” standards, but like, there are plenty of people who show up for freeplay who around my skill level so I don’t feel too bad about it most of the time. I wouldn’t ask me for advice, because honestly I’m just winging it most of the time.

I’d like to think I’d have improved a lot more last year if I didn’t live 2 hours away from Newton, but like, who knows. Pretty mad that the arcade that was only 45 minutes away in Kawagoe started doing 3S events literally a month after I left. Jerks.


Hi there, I want to ask about hitconfirming.

“How” do you people usually hit-confirm?
Do you look for a specific frame to use as a visuel cue,
or do you listen if the move was blocked or did hit?

I feel like I usually go with the sound, rather than the visuals (tbh it’s probably a mixture).
Like, to me Ken’s cMP SA3 combo seems outrages to confirm based on visuals.

I’m still not 100% used to the speed of 3rd Strike, so I still mess up simple confirms. Just thought I’d throw this out there and see what opinions you have.


everyone varies there’s no difference. and no matter what you’re going to use both since you’re using your ears and eyes.
anyone who starts talking about the speed of sound vs visual stimuli and your brains response time has likely never seen a vagina.

just try to focus on what is happening on screen and don’t clutter your mind with other stuff.


You should practice based off visuals alone because at events and arcades often you can either barely hear your own game sound or it is getting drowned out by the setups next to you. Sometimes that won’t be the case but it’s better to practice that way so you’re ready when that circumstance arises.


If you only play online, you can throw most confirms out the window.

Cr mp is one of the easiest confirms in the game because it’s a link, and you have a lot of time.

Anyway, these things don’t come quickly. If you’re not used to the speed, then there’s your answer right there.

Execution is also very important to confirming.


What are some of the harder things to practice in training mode because of training dummy deficiencies? Getting any sort of repeating action is a pain for me personally, but I’ve already kinda solved that.


dummy mixing up attacks with random save states,


Karapalm wrote something that does exactly this for FBA-RR but I haven’t given it a try yet.


yeah I saw it on Junkies before. It was so cool but nobody really spoke about it.


Hmmm… I’ve solved that already quite easily.

As a bit of background, I’ve started a generic scripting base for fighting games and I’m using 3S as a starting point to test with. I’m doing it in Mame because it now supports Lua by default and I use Groovymame + Switchres so that I can play on my CRT. Problem with Mame is that CPS3 save state loading sucks and it’s not reliable :\

Here’s an example of a basic dummy that tries to keep it’s distance from you within 155 +/- 20 pixels:

It also reads when you attack then tries to counter with some built-in delay.

I’m trying to find scenarios now that are typically hard to perform in training mode. I’m beginning to think that it’s going to involve save states, and that’s not really viable in 3S and Mame.


pretty cool.
yeah usually it does involve savestates just because the sequences themselves are so short and you want to see it over and over again.

so you’re just trying to flesh things out is what i’m understanding (with some more ‘gameplay’).

maybe since you have written maintaining distance you could do something with dash + throw range since that kinda goes into itself (throw or tech lead into the same spacing quickly) and it’s a common situation.
so like itll either maintain dash + throw range or just outside it. as a training tool might help someone more easily recognize the spacing?


That shouldn’t be too hard. I can switch it up to do dash throw or dash low so that you can practice slightly delayed tech throws. I’ll work on the script when I get some time this weekend.


Copy/pasted from the post I made on 3SJ that Lance IglooBob has just mentioned

Shot this off to a few people already, figured I might as well post it up here too.
I wanted to throw together some recording/playback with the random playback capability that’s been in training modes for a long, long time. I tweaked some existing lua scripts and have something that’s good enough for me to practice a bunch of stuff. If anybody else is interested, here’s a quick guide and an even quicker video demonstration.
Video (There was a third recording which was empty jump but random is random)


Luke asked about save states being wonky and this was my response to him: : "I was using emulator save states. I used Joy2Key to bind a single joystick button to hit both my load save state button & the Lua Replay button (Configurable buttons as described in the guide). I haven’t had any issues loading 3S save states using FBA-RR v0.0.7"
Emulator version plays a big role in having save states "corrupting"
Out of the hundred(s) of save state loads I did while testing and creating, I never had one bug out or take a long time to load using FBA-RR V0.0.7.

There’s plenty room for improvement but it gets the job done and creating the recordings is pretty simple.


Forgot about this because of work obligations, but I did the script earlier tonight, as well as some modifications to the base code. All the scripts are now loaded dynamically from whatever relevant files it finds in the folder. You select one from the pause menu and the dummy plays it back. The low/throw script makes the dummy walk back and forth within a defined range from the opponent, then randomly dash in and does either low short or a throw. The player has to input a late tech that will block the block and tech the throw. If you input too quickly you’ll potentially get hit by the low. Too late and you could get thrown.

Because of how badly Mame handles 3S save states this is mostly just a proof-of-concept as far as 3S is concerned. I’ll eventually add this stuff to github for interested parties to play with and/or modify.