Fresh meat here! NW Seth looking for offline practice/tourneys

Hey everyone! I’m trying to get more practice before heading to EVO for the first time. I’m up in Bothell. I main Seth (thinking about Rose) but I have some level of proficiency with everyone except maybe Gen and Dan. I haven’t been in the competitive scene since a Soul Calibur II tourney at Sakuracon way back when. So hit me up if you’re in the area and looking for a training partner.

I play on PS3 and TE stick and I don’t mind bringing both.

Go to the "DojoK thread, they are always playing there. Also, post up in the Negro thread to say ‘hi’ to everyone if ya haven’t done so already. Sorry if you have, you are a new cat to me and I don’t recall your name. I palyed A LOT of Soul Calibur II back in the day and I do not remember you =).

Yeah I wasn’t a big player in the SCII scene, that was just the last tourney worth mentioning. I’ll go drop lines in those threads too. Thanks Super Joe!

I’m not alone anymore. :wtf:

Hehe that’s good. I’ve gotten 0 practice in the Seth-Seth match up online.