Fresh new art

ok, from what i have seen so far, there have been pretty harsh critics out there, so before you guys tear me a new one, just understand that i am still learning. if you have any advise, then advise away.

Nice man. Reference from the Zero art? Hehe. Anyway this pic rocks esp the colouring. Maybe you should ask Udon to make this a holofoil cover hoho.

thank you

hey thanks for the complement. i think i may add some more pics in the future. udon has some really impressive artists but more importantly, they have some of the best colorists in the comic book industry.
the picture was originally drawn in with crayons. (yes , crayons) i scanned and modified it using photoshop.
sorry the pic wasnt so big, i had to make it very small in order to attach it. does any one know how to insert larger images directly onto the text WITHOUT a url? i dont have any websites or anything so i cant do that.

nice job - the medium reminded me of those extra-oily crayons we used to use in high school art class (god i forgot the name) so to hear that you used crayons is right on the mark lol. nice work.

akuma vs. rugal pic

yeah theyre called craypas. i used a little of those too in the picture.

this one is one of my earlier pics i made right after playing capcom vs. snk 2 (one of my favorites). this is Akuma vs. Rugal. i know there are some misproportions, like akuma’s head and stuff, but just look past that for a minute. and i did the coloring when i really didnt know much about using photoshop. i made another one that comes after this in the fire-swept city scene with G. Rugal fighting S. Akuma. enjoy.

i really hate the fact that i have to make the images so small. does anyone know if there is a way to keep the attached pictures to their original size?

Drawing are there, but you could up your colors some more. Are you rocking a tablet yet? I think you should use the brush tool for better results as it adds structure and better setup.

Those udon guys use painter. Painter is cool too so you should check it.

i must admit that the colors i had were pretty weak. this was when i was just experimenting with ps7.

tablet? is that what you use to attach pics onto the text? when do you get this?

you mentioned that painter is common among udon artists. well why is that? what new stuff does it feature? is it exclusively for the mac?

A tablet is a drawing,coloring, graphics tool. Like one of these.

Painter has more textured paper and more variety of media like chalk, oil etc…
I would say practice up with a regular brush tool and then move on to others mentioned above once you have knowledge of what you are doing.

i like the first one more, overall they are pretty good… payce

ok ok so this one wasnt so good. this one that i am sending is a horseman or a saggitarius. not very original and still very stetchy too. i gave it an anime-layers-like look to it. enjoy.

ok ok so the last one wasnt so good then. the one that i am sending now is a horseman or a saggitarius. i know it isnt very original but hey, who cares. the picture is sketchy too. i gave it an anime-layers-like look to it. tell me what you think.

also, thanks for the tip on painter, SFMC. so that is how you get your works to look like oil paintings, huh? nice work.

Yo Zenmaster

I have a question, do you think that you can CG one of my pictures for me I really wanna see what it looks like all good looking. I know the picture is crap but I was hopeing that you can make it good cuz… well your good.:lol: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow!!! I was realllllyyy impressed with your Fan Art! :eek:
They were both VERY good, esp the first one since I am a rabid Ryu Fan. You are great at lighting and shadows. I’m sorry I can’t offer any suggestions with your art. I don’t know anything about CG art. I do all my stuff by hand. You definitely have inspired me to learn how to CG someday though! Your art blew me away! :slight_smile:

yeah there is a lot of benefits of doing pictures with programs. its been a year since i started using photoshop, (though i dont think i know much about it). i like painting sometimes as well as using other media. i was really big on those prismacolor pencils in highschool. the great thing about using ph and other programs is that you can distort your images in so many ways. in addition, you may also save your pictures now and then and go back to them afterwords and alternate your images. the only thing that is really tough is getting used to the programs if you’re used to doing fine arts on a regular canvas. but, its worth checking out.

btw, i posted this pic in another forum.

you guys should show me the ropes

Hey you guys should show me the ropes some day I’m only using paint cuz I don’t know how to use ph can you guys give me some pointers???:smiley:

ZenMaster: Love the pics man.

Kendoken: You’re comin’ off pretty desperate here buddy.


Well I guess your right I’ll just keep my mouth shut from now on and only commet and post and I’ll get better cuz’ I suck.:evil: :bluu: :lol: :cool: :smiley:

nice work, I especially like the centaur, and the Alex vs, Zangief pics. The Evil Ryu reminds me a bit of the HK comic style.

I like your colouring style, nice sense of motion going on with Alex… colouring in that pic is nice too.

main thing that bothers me is: If Gief’s banishing flat took the path indicated by the purple glow, wouldn’t he have knocked Alex’s block off?)

post more stuff… :slight_smile:

normally ppl don’t post their art in other ppl’s art threads without asking first… something you should know abt this forum.

yes, i know the action makes no sense. i kinda watched too much anime before making this peice. what i tried to do was have the two characters do their “slice” moves at each other but they both miss (makes no sense, right?). reminds me of that dragonball z garbage. brrrrr…how awful. take it for what is is–just a drawing.
i always wanted to see these two guys fight. i personally would think alex would win, even though zangief has been in countless sequel sf games (thus have more experience). hugo is the mother of all “big guy” wrestlers. all hugo needs is a fast shoulder-slam type move like urien. i just wish they didnt make him so frikkin weak in svc chaos.

thanks for the compliments.
ok, everyone should know that this image is a scene straight from capcom v. snk 2. i really feel awful since i painted the entire picture in 200%+ magnification to add small details and i have to shrink it to such a small attachment file. plz, DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO LINK IMAGES STRAIGHT ON THIS TEXT?? i have seen almost everyone do it.

i spent a little over a month on this image. it looked so great when i completed it, but now that i look back at it, it looks less than mediocre. i guess thats how it is with all your works. i look back at some of the stuff i drew when i was younger. i was so proud of those pics and now they just look lame.

anyway, dont wanna bore anyone…
also, i encourage everyone to post their images on this thread as well. i enjoy looking at art from different people cuz i always learn something from them.