Fresh Out The Box

I just picked up UMVC3 and was wondering if anyone had any food for me. I’be never played vanilla and haven’t played a fighter since SSF4.

Thanks in advance.

i’ve got some Xmas leftovers but i’m in france oO.

It’s supposed to say tips -____-
I’m typing from my phone.

ok then xD.

Well mvc3 is wayyyy easier on the execution than sf4, but way more fast paced. Almost every character can do magic serie (LMHS) into MMHS into OTG into super or the super OTG by itself.

With this in mind, test everyone in the cast, identify wich character you like to play the most (you got the best handle on theire mobility/special). and try to make a team of 3 out of it. Bear in mind the 2 assist for the point character is 1 to help get in and 1 to extend combo. Or in case of zoning, 1 to lockdown 1 to GTFO.

Ok so say I want Dante at point. Where would I go from there?

You learn Dante BnB and Dante Setups.

You learn at least one character who got a good projectile assist and/or a lockdown assist (like akuma tatsu or vergil rapid slash).

You learn some way to start combo from this. (the baby first cross up = projectile asssit + dante teleport).

For the others character you also try to have them DHC into each other easily.

If you want a not too hard to learn team that will get you some easy win.

Dante (weasel shot)/Wesker (samurai edge)/Doom (plasma beam).

They all get relatively easy high damaging combo that start from super easy setups.

And they all DHC good into each other.

Thank You. I greatly appreciate it.

Some characters almost clone eachother, like Dante & Virgil, or Ryu & Akuma, so if you are good with a character who has a clone, use the clone character as well because if your virgil is out, your dante will be ready to take over, and you’ll be comfortable with 1 clone character out of the picture.

My advice is find a group of characters that you enjoy playing with. I started with Akuma but I picked Ryu because I liked playing with Ryu more so than I did with Akuma.

Second off, play Mission Mode. Mission Mode will also give you a good feel for the game and a good feel of individual characters. Also, if you go into Training Mode, try fighting your own team(s) with the CPU controlling them. You may get a better understanding about the inner workings of your team(s) if you fight them in a mirror match, its more effective in UMVC3, because this game’s AI is SIGNIFICANTLY more competent.

Finally, if you’re going to go online with this, be prepared for a fight. Most of the people in this game are coming over from Vanilla MVC3. Just keep this in mind. A beginner just might have been a 4th Lord in Vanilla.

I just opened the game last night. Bold cancelling and everything seems really hard to grasp lol. Especially stinger–>Volcano.

watch some youtube vids, mess around and learn combos off Youtube in training mode to get the execution down. After that, next step is to throw yourself into some matches and you gotta learn everything else from there. You can really only practise execution by yourself.

So I realized that the WWE Brawlstick I bought to play with feels so awkward (because it has a square restrictor plate) when doing DPs to the point where they won’t even come out…
Might have to stick to the shitty 360 controller until I can mod it.
I can’t even do the most basic combos because the stick keeps riding along the wall of the plate.

^ Ignore this, they’re completely different from each other. The only similarity is in appearance. If you play them like each other you’re not using either character very well.

i.e.: If you use Stinger with Dante, you can do several things make yourself completely safe. If you whiff a Stinger with Vergil, you’re dead. Dante’s teleport is great but extremely predictable. Vergil’s teleports are terrible, but can be harder to punish if setup correctly. Vergil wants to cancel everything into teleports; Dante wants to cancel everything into other special moves or Bold Move. If you get a knockdown with Akuma, you can demon flip into an 800k~1M combo. If you get a knockdown with Ryu, the best you get is a TK super.

Don’t play any character like any other character, learn what their tools are, why (and when) they’re good and how they fit in the character’s game plan.

Other than that, just play lots of characters and like mentioned above, do every characters’ mission mode as far as you can to get a handle of what they’re capable of and what it feels like to play them. Don’t be too married to any character (let alone any teams) until you understand how most characters work. You’ll learn how the marvel engine works much faster if you do that than if you just play the same 3 characters all the time.

Once you have a good understanding of how Marvel works, every character will be a lot easier to play and you won’t get caught by surprise very often, even if someone does something you haven’t quite seen before.

Ah, that’s probably not a problem with the restrictor plate - most of the premier arcade sticks come with a square gate, including the various Madcatz TE sticks. Not saying that the Brawlstick might not be awkward for other reasons related to the joystick, but the restrictor plate isn’t the villain here.