Fresno 3s World Championship 9/9

Team tournament format:

1st place: Team Laos(Vietnam); Laostyle, Urien/ Jaimeyou, Yun
2nd place: Team What; Hoonyo, Ken/ Etyrnity, Yun
3rd place: Team I-Know-My-Game-Really-Well; Chris Schmidt, Ken/ F_Man, Ryu and Chun Li
4th place: Team Forfeit; Johnnyvicious, Ken and Akuma/ Kevin Seeto, Ken

gg to all. fresnos upping their 3s skill exponentially. maybe next time chris goes to ffa hell enter 3s also.

You guys should try and get a 3s machine over at FNA… The only game that ever works there is MvC2 and that machine is gay. =(