Fresno Ranbats 2.4: Miky Puts Daigo's Kids Through College - 11.14.10


On our last edition of Fresno Ranbats, it was determined, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I am the greatest. Unfortunately, due to a strange point system that refuses to recognize my superiority, we’re here again to play videogames and piss people off. I intend to do far more of the latter, how about you?

What’s a ranbat you ask? Ranbat is shorthand for Ranking Battle, a series of tournaments in which players earn points based on their placings in each tournament. Want to prove that you’re the best in Fresno? I’m sorry you feel that way.

Date, time, and location:

Sunday, November 14th

1075 East Bullard Avenue
Fresno, CA 93710-5532
(559) 447-8958

Entry: 10 $ (7 to the pot, 3 to the venue)

Pot will be split 70/20/10 between the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers.

Signups starting at 12:00, tournament will start at 2. If you’d just like to spectate, you’re more than welcome to stop by, but be advised that the place can get a bit crowded. Deodorant really isn’t optional here.



Best 2/3, Double Elimination

Grand Finals: Best 3/5

Loser can change character/ultra, winner cannot swap ultras.

This will be run primarily on PS3, though we will have a 360 available. This will be BYOC (bring your own controller). You didn’t get this far in life simply by relying on the kindness of others, so be like the Boy Scouts and come prepared.

Current Rankings:

These are the chumps to beat:

1st - Miky “I’m Free” 18 pts
2nd - Javier “Cynistar” 17 pts
3rd - Mike “JKChowling” 14 pts
4th - Michael “Hoonyo”" 9 pts
5th - Paul “P. Viper” 8 pts
5th - James "jangles805? 8 pts
7th - Andrew “domezy” 7 pts
7th - Johnson 7 pts
8th - Tommy “blahguy” 4 pts

All skill levels are encouraged to come by and take their best shot. We’re all here to have some fun and get better at this game, and we’d love to have you join us. Hope to see you out there!


It was worth it!


So the 14th?


Everyone needs an education on how to be free.


When the post says "360 will be available too, what does that mean exactly? Will a 360 player still be able to participate in all the matches, or just play side matches while PS3 goes on?


There will be tournament matches played on the 360. We try to accommodate all players. If they prefer to play on the 360, we try to make it so they do play on it.


Not to be rude But I Kinda Already have had the 14th of Nov claimed for at least 2 weeks now…


Uh…ok…your point is?


Thank you for letting us know.


SOrry I thought Our events would clash Because I thought Fresno was closer My mistake carry on.


Fobi0, you are so polite!


It’s the only way for a brown man to get ahead in life. ROFL


Way to support the scene…


I guess he Doesn’t Understand the reason for
there for a reason so Events dont clash ya know?


OK, so I am going to try to show up to this and give everyone a free win. Go east on me.


My bad, I thought it was there so my fist doesn’t clash with someone else’s face…


He didn’t organize the tournament; I did. I’d like to ask that we all refrain from such weak sarcasm but, in lieu of such decency, i’d at least appreciate it being directed at the correct person.

We’ve established that our events will not conflict, so I think it’s safe to say you’re done here. See you at NCR.

O-Shingen: Hope to see you out there.


If your Trying to Imply Fighting me then shut up please because I will take you seriously and fight you. My Comment was towards the guys saying " Your point is " I already Understand our events wont clash but you guys are just being disrespectful.


HAHAHA! Ok little kid…



Swear to god Im gonna kick your fucken ass now. Fuck you No disrepect for OP tourney Holder but wtf is up with the people in your area.