Fresno room 1043@Rio. Good times


Good times having you guys at the room this weekend.

I want to say what’s up and glad to meet you all. Definitely made the trip more exciting and funny during the downtime. I’m the big Filipino guy with the glasses, Mike. Not Drew, the white guy. Lol.

You guys are always welcome in Fresno. I hear we got the best health insurance in Cali. :smokin:

Oh and wanted to know what names you guys post under as in SRK.


<-- Mike the filipino guy with a faux hawk. I came with jack on Saturday night i think. Just drankin’.


fresno cya on ranbat finals!!


Yall have to come out to my house to game
Thanks for the hospitality

eRich/Fobio/Dru/Cous/KaiserPermanete/Hoonyo aka Mr.never there:looney:


Is this Hiro (sorry if I misspell your name)? Forgive me if it isn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeahhhh, so you’re thxyoutoo. Lol. Good shit, good shit.

It was definitely good times having you guys in the room. I want next year to come around already. Evo is just too damn good, especially with people that know how to make things fun and shit.


yup fun times


Kaizer is free. There’s no co-pay.

15 minutes later… CJ realizes you’re referring to Kaiser Permanente.


Yo, this is Jack (obv). Shit was way fun. Thanks for having us.


Jack has something against me.

He’s taken me out at two tourneys including last Fuddruckers and watched me just fall apart during my last round against Nanoboi. :frowning:



Psssssh, so not true! I got nothing but love for Fresno, filipinos and especially filipinos from Fresno.


That be a combination to win them all.


:rofl:how ironic he’s a CPU wiz…but~he~still~uses~a-Pentium3:looney::looney::looney::looney::looney:

Jack I found the Text version for the…new~talk~of~the~baaayyyyy:lol:





Fast forward to the end.


“Why do you have dinosaurs on your stick?”


“So why’s there a Triceratops on your stick?!?”


“Because it helps unleash my powers”


tat fillipino guy makes me laugh…
some of his funny quotes…

“This shit is FREE!!!”
" G 2 FREE!!!"
“Download Complete!!!”

hahaha moneymatch was fun…
"Ryan vs Kaiser"
Never ending story…


cant i just call you Harold?


" that chunli is a G3 - FREE!"
fuckin quotes…
yo fresno when is that ranbat finals happening???
kaiser P!! pm me your number


thanks to kaiser for inviting me over and helping me level up a little

fillipino champ also handed me an ass-whooping with that sick dhalsim shit